Accela Legislative Management News Brief

Rockville, Maryland, Transforms Legislative Management Processes with Selection of Accela Solutions

Accela, the leading provider of cloud-based civic engagement solutions, announced today that Rockville, Maryland, has selected a suite of legislative management solutions on the Accela Civic Platform to modernize the way the City manages their meetings. The City will implement the following solutions: Agenda and Minutes to simplify the preparation and approval of meeting materials for citizens; Boards and Commissions to facilitate board appointments and vacancies; Civic Streaming to offer citizens’ online viewing of meetings and events; and Digital Boardroom for real-time voting and annotation of items. The solutions will work together to provide efficiency for the agency while simplifying how citizens engage with their local government.

“Rockville was looking for a complete cloud-based alternative to their paper-heavy, resource-intensive legislative processes,” said Daryl Blowes, Sr. Vice President and General Manager of Legislative Management, Accela. “By choosing Accela as their go-to platform solution, the City will not only be able to more quickly prepare for meetings—saving significant time and money—but will now be able to offer access to meeting content and activities to citizens who may not otherwise have it. Moving more processes online takes the lid off government, making it more transparent, approachable and connected to the citizens it serves, and we are thrilled to welcome Rockville to the Accela family.” 

About Rockville, MD
Rockville, MD, is located in the central region of Montgomery County and is a suburb of Washington DC. It is the third largest incorporated city in Maryland and has a population of just over 61,200. The City is home to numerous software and biotech companies, as well as several federal government institutions.

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