Latest Release

What's New in Accela’s Fall 2017 Release?

Delivered in October 2017, Accela’s latest release provides a number of enhancements across our base of products for increased efficiency and a better customer experience. From a new mobile inspection app and enriched communication in Accela Citizen Access, to improved Cloud security for our Finance & Administration customers and a new performance dashboard for Civic Insight users, our latest Accela product release provides users with resource-saving features for enhanced efficiency, communication, transparency and security.

Accela citizen access and Right of Way Management

Citizen Access has seen some exciting improvements in 9.2.0, including new “action” menus that allow citizens to more easily initiate applications, schedule inspections and search for the information they need.

Accela customers who have Citizen Access and Accela Right of Way Management can now enjoy a new level of integration with 9.2.0. When applying for permits in the public right of way using Citizen Access, citizens and contractors will receive real-time notification of Conflicts in the selected area, an improved experience that helps the user plan better and interact more efficiently with your office.

INtroducing: Accela Mobile

We are proud to introduce Accela Mobile, a new mobile app delivering improved functionality and a more modern user experience for Civic Platform customers. This initial release represents the first in a series that will deliver features for an overall integrated experience for all mobile users, including inspectors, code officers and work crews.

This first release enables the following capabilities for field inspectors on the Civic Platform:

Accela customers interested in evaluating or using the Accela Mobile app can download it from the iOS App Store or Google Play.


Accela GIS 9.2.0 provides new capabilities for users to create inspections and populate Parcel Sets from a map selection. The display of Addresses and Asset data on the map is also improved to allow for better interaction between the map and system information.

Accela Citizen Relationship Manager (CRM)

Key improvements to Conditional Workflows add more precision to your work.

Accela Civic Insight

A new Building Permit performance dashboard is available to provide better analytics and visualization of the activity within the Building solution.

Accela Finance & Administration

Finance and Administration customers will now be able to use a new ad-hoc reporting tool to build and run complex reports, charts and graphs that pull data from multiple user-selected database tables.

Improvements have been made to Cloud login and password security:


Civic Platform 9.1.0 and 9.2.0 offers Transport Layer Security protocol support for TLS 1.2 compliance to move to the most secure SSL/TLS protocol. It provides privacy and data integrity between two communication applications to ensure information is encrypted and authenticated. Supported areas include: payment adapters, electronic document management systems, EMSE and web services.