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No More Printing, Mailing, Scanning (or Hassle): The Future of “Out for Signature” in Government

Daryl Blowes
What if I told you that you could eliminate almost all the paper, and the associated costs, from the meeting process? From agenda creation to agreement finalization, you could streamline the entire meeting process from inside a single solution. Too good to be true? It’s not. We’re pleased to announce the integration of DocuSign’s eSignature tool into Agenda and Minutes, part of our Legislative Management solution. The digital portal introduces a secure, paperless signature capability that will help governments save time and money on the legislative process. Consider this: an Intellicap study found that the average savings per electronically signed document is $22.18 and the average turnaround time is reduced by 13.5 days (97%)…. Continue reading

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Improving Citizen Trust in Local Government [Free Issue Brief]

Daryl Blowes
Local governments strive to engage citizens in the legislative process to build trust and better communities. Local meetings are a great place for citizens to have their voices heard and understand how to get more involved in their city. With busy schedules or poor timing, citizens are not always able to attend local town hall or legislative meetings in person, making it difficult to stay informed. Getting access to the information discussed is also a lengthy and difficult process for both citizens and government officials, involving costly, labor-intensive work to share minutes and other documents. Offering modern, online tools to boost transparency and encourage citizen participation not only builds greater trust in local government,… Continue reading

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