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Making Modernization a Reality for More Than 300 Communities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Ken Sawtelle
While the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is the most populous state in New England, it is also packed full of very small communities, over half of which have under 10,000 residents (with 80 percent under 40,000). And the proportionally smaller budgets have traditionally kept the most advanced and capable technological solutions out of reach. Not any longer. Accela and zedIT have partnered to bring the Civic Platform to small towns in an affordable and quick fashion with rapid implementation packages, making the best in government modernization finally attainable to the small towns in the Commonwealth. With built-in industry best practices specific to the needs of Massachusetts towns,… Continue reading

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You Can Build Your Own Mobile App without Writing a Single Line of Code. (Yes, You.)

Ken Sawtelle
One of the favorite things about my job is that I’m focused on how to make our customers’ lives easier. So I’m particularly excited to share the news of Accela’s partnership with APPCityLife, the grand prize winner of our Civic App Challenge earlier this year. Why am I so excited? While it’s great to hear stories about government agencies using mobile apps to increase efficiencies and connect directly to their citizens, it’s still a daunting prospect. Creating a mobile app often requires a) someone who majored in Computer Science and has mastered multiple, complex programming languages and b) a great deal of time and money to get an app up and running…. Continue reading

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Announcing Accela Connect: Accela’s Partner and Developer Conference

Ken Sawtelle
We’re excited to announce Accela Connect, our upcoming developer and partner conference! We are bringing together developers, partners, customers and Accela employees to connect, network and learn. The event offers our partners and developers a variety of learning opportunities, including: Lightning Talks to share success stories Developer and Partner Speed Networking Hands-on Training Accela Connect Hackathon led by Mark Headd and Seth Axthelm, offering opportunities to build the next killer apps for cash and prizes Partner Express Training and partner meetings to learn more about the partner program and initiatives, see how partners can earn more revenue by marketing and growing their pipeline, and see what’s next in the Civic Platform Accela Connect is a great place to meet with thought leaders in the civic technology space…. Continue reading

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Partners in Civic Good

Ken Sawtelle
The 2014 Accela Partner and Developer Conference was a great success. Our partners arrived expecting to learn how to increase their revenues building, selling and delivering Civic Platform solutions while providing civic good, and we did not let them down. As our company has grown, so has our channel. What started a decade ago as a small group of companies implementing our software has grown into a vibrant ecosystem across segments of sales, delivery, alliance and development, all actively enjoying success as Accela partners. With a focus on business, the Accela Partner and Developer Conference agenda was packed, including sessions on the details of our partner program,… Continue reading

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