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Discussing the Real Value of Open Data with State, City and County Leaders and the Sunlight Foundation

Mark Headd
On September 29th I had the pleasure of participating in a panel discussion at the NASCIO annual conference on the value of open data. Entitled “Open Data: Is the Value Real?,” the panel also included: Dale Hartman, IT Service Delivery Manager, King County Elections Washington Carolyn Parnell, Chief Information Officer, State of Minnesota Barbara L. Cohn, Chief Data Officer, New York Office of Information Technology Services Emily Shaw, National Policy Manager, Sunlight Foundation During our talk, we had a chance to dive in deep on the real value of open data for governments. One of the most encouraging takeaways for me was that the vast majority of attendees at this year’s NASCIO annual conference understood what open data was,… Continue reading

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Guest Blog on PBS MediaShift: Open Data Beyond the Big City

Mark Headd
The below is an excerpt of my guest blog on PBS MediaShift. You can read the full post here. Big cities, like San Francisco, are more likely to have adopted open data than smaller cities. This is a problem, says Headd. Photo by Thomas Hawk via Flickr and used here with Creative Commons license. “The future is already here — it’s just not evenly distributed.”–William Gibson. The Economist, December 4, 2003 The last time I heard Tim O’Reilly speak was at the Accela Engage conference in San Diego earlier this year. In his remarks, Tim used the above quote from William Gibson — it struck me as a pretty accurate way to describe the current state of open data in this country…. Continue reading

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Changing Civic Engagement for Good: Accela Construct App Challenge Winners

Mark Headd
From voting to volunteering, civic-minded citizens have been committed to improving our society since its inception. But far beyond joining town hall meetings and handing out flyers, emerging technology in the hands of brilliant developers provides us with new and exciting ways to bridge the gap between citizens, businesses and the government agencies that serve them. To help accelerate that innovation, Accela hosted its 2014 Construct App Challenge, which called on our best civic-minded developers to build apps that help create more informed and productive communities. Participants were able to submit in two categories, New Civic Apps and Existing Civic Apps, and the top three apps in each category received prizes totaling $25,000;… Continue reading

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Looking for the Next Great Civic Startup: The Accela Civic App Challenge

Mark Headd
At Accela, we’re committed to finding ways to leverage the talents and ideas of civic entrepreneurs and open data hackers to benefit the governments we serve. We believe that fostering the creation of new civic startups has enormous potential to benefit public sector agencies, and we’re committed to finding ways to do this. That’s why we were thrilled several weeks ago to launch the Accela Civic App Challenge. The ProblemThe biggest challenge facing governments in adopting new civic technologies is the absence of an easy way to incorporate new solutions into their existing IT infrastructure. Creating a framework in which civic hackers and entrepreneurs can build smart new apps that can easily be adopted by governments has proved daunting and has caused some in the civic technology community to worry about the movement’s future viability…. Continue reading

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Open Data: From Coast to Coast

Mark Headd
The last few weeks have been big for open data and civic innovation. Awareness of the power of open data, the new ideas it can help foment and the new apps and services it can support are spreading from coast to coast. On May 15, I had the pleasure to take part in the Open Data NJ Summit at Montclair State University. The event brought together experts on open data from the Sunlight Foundation, the U.S. Open Data Institute and others to present to local government officials and the journalism community on the power and promise of open data. The event featured presentations from, among others,… Continue reading

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Mark Headd is Accela’s open data portal. The site represents a new approach, one that emphasizes the core mission at Accela—to build bridges designed to connect citizens and government agencies—and we believe that it will change the game on how governments publish open data. A New Direction for Open Data As the open data movement matures, an increasing number of federal, state and local governments are formalizing their commitment to releasing data for external users by adopting open data policies and implementing open data portals. As open data portals become more common, and as more and more data is released through these sites, two open data portals from across the vast expanse of the U.S…. Continue reading

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Working on Government as a Platform

Mark Headd
I’ve been excited by the idea of government as a platform for a long time. It’s what motivated me to join my first civic hacking contest in 2008, and it has informed every decision in my professional career since then—including my decision to accept an invitation from the Mayor of the City of Philadelphia in 2012 to help implement that city’s award winning open data program. And it’s this same belief in the transformational power of the idea of government as a platform that led me to Accela. I’m thrilled to be joining the team at Accela as a Technical Evangelist to help developers and business partners build powerful new solutions for Accela’s customers on the Accela Civic Platform…. Continue reading

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