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Herfie is Back and Springbrook is Standing Tall

Max Schnoedl
Herfie is Back and Springbrook is Standing Tall By: Max Schnoedl This week, we shared some exciting news with the local government financial community – we’re bringing Springbrook back, along with its beloved mascot, Herfie the cow. We believe that our 900 local government customers, together with many more of their peers across the US, should benefit from a modern, high-performance cloud offering to manage their finances, payroll and utility billing efficiently from coast to coast. We also believe in citizen-centric government, where communities are empowered by added financial transparency and can offer a seamless payment experience to their constituencies, in line with what they might… Continue reading

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Legalize it? Regulate it!

Max Schnoedl
We are entering a new era of innovation, disruption and change. The very “norms” of how we live, travel and use energy are changing. Some of these changes are technologically-driven; e.g. ride- and home-sharing platforms such as Uber and Airbnb, or solar panels and their next generation, solar roofs. And some are cultural shifts—ten years ago we were telling kids not to talk to strangers online or get into unknown cars. Today, we casually hop into the car of a stranger we are connected to through an app and trust they will take us to our desired destination. Emerging responses While the sharing economy provides… Continue reading