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Driven to Accela-rate governments at City Summit

Tim Woodbury
Accela is a proud supporter of the National League of Cities and its annual conference, City Summit. At this year’s conference in Charlotte, NC, held November 15-18, Accela is excited to again connect with civic leaders from across the country. We’re sending an all-star “Pit Crew” of Accela Gov’t Tech experts and we’ve got a little “High Speed” fun planned as well! We’re looking forward to sharing the latest government technology solutions designed to drive productivity and citizen engagement. Now more than ever, the old methods of providing government services via paper-based processes and waiting in queues aren’t sustainable. Emerging regulatory issues, such as short-term rental and marijuana regulation,… Continue reading

Can tech and government get along?

Tim Woodbury
This article was originally posted on Bloomberg Government. Bloomberg Government regularly publishes insights, opinions and best practices from our community of senior leaders and decision makers. This column is written by Tim Woodbury, Director of Government Relations for Accela.  “Move fast and break things.” Silicon Valley’s approach to innovation coined by Mark Zuckerberg is disrupting industries once thought untouchable. In less than a decade, Uber and Lyft have upended the taxi industry; Airbnb has turned people’s homes into an attractive alternative to hotels; and drones are circling our skies in record numbers. These are just a few of the many technology-driven innovations promising to improve our lives and making the hearts of investors flutter…. Continue reading

Why Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Needs Regulatory Technology Reform First

Tim Woodbury
This article was originally posted on Forbes.com. Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska, frustrated by the “red tape” of regulatory bottlenecks, has made federal permitting reform a focus of both his legislative agenda and a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed. The senator wants to limit new regulations, put a time limit on federal permit reviews, and create a “one-stop shop” for processing them as well. On these issues, Sullivan seems to have the ear of President Trump, as the president has moved swiftly with an executive order mandating that federal agencies repeal two regulations for every new one instituted. It’s not surprising that a hotel developer would be well acquainted with permitting delays and the impact regulatory reform could have on the success of his much-trumpeted infrastructure and jobs plans…. Continue reading

Marijuana and the Sharing Economy: The Top Government Regulatory Challenges of 2017

Tim Woodbury
Presidential politics has the tendency to drown out all other electoral storylines. If you’re in need of proof, consider this: marijuana was legalized for either recreational or medical use in eight of nine states in which it was on the ballot, including the big one – California. Cannabis is now legal in some form in 28 out of 50 states, yet that headline has barely been discussed in the mainstream media. This is just one of several public policy issues that will challenge government officials in 2017. Another is the sharing economy. State and local government officials throughout the U.S. have been trying to figure out how to handle the rise of Airbnb and ridesharing services Lyft and Uber for some time…. Continue reading

4 Ways Civic Technology Drives Results for Policy Outcomes

Tim Woodbury
The below is an excerpt of my guest post on National League of Cities’ Cities Speak blog last week. You can read the full post here. Municipal laws and codes have been forged over decades and are currently facing challenges keeping up with emerging and rapidly expanding regulatory issues such as solar/clean energy and the legalization of marijuana and initiatives like the White House’s Startup in a Day challenge. Even with the best-intentioned legislation, public policy initiatives can stall without the proper tools to enable easy and efficient compliance. So how do governments balance the additional workload required to address these emerging issues with limited staff resources?… Continue reading

National League of Cities Recap: Live from Nashville!

Tim Woodbury
Several of my Accela colleagues and I recently spent the better part of a week in Nashville, Tennessee, for the annual National League of Cities conference. Compliments to the staff at NLC and the Nashville Host Committee for throwing a fantastic conference, and to the City of Nashville for being such a welcoming place to spend a few days in early November. It was a busy conference for Accela, with numerous presentations to give, an expo booth to run, educational sessions to attend, perhaps a few honky tonk bars to check out… but most importantly, thousands of customers to speak with. Here’s a quick run-through of Accela’s high points for the week…. Continue reading

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It’s Always Sunny in…Delaware? Solar Industry Trends That May Surprise You

Tim Woodbury
I recently spent a hot and humid few days in Charlotte (Mecklenburg County!), North Carolina, which was hosting the National Association of Counties (NACo) annual convention. Vince Nicoletti, the Building Chief from one of our great customers, San Diego County, was asked to share his department’s experience around online solar permitting at NACo’s Technology & Innovation Summit. Vince was also part of the San Diego County team that was being honored by NACo with an award for its Process Improvement Team (“The PIT crew”). San Diego County might be a leading indicator for the rapid growth that we’re expecting to see for residential solar in the coming years — the County has seen a 300 percent increase in requests for solar permits in five years and expects to issue 6,000 in 2015…. Continue reading

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