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Why We Chose Accela Citizen Relationship Management

Scott Connors
Guest Blog from City of Pittsfield, Massachusetts Our citizen reporting application wasn’t meeting our needs—it was outdated and cumbersome, and we needed a better tool. I spoke with my Business Development Executive, Ken Cutroneo, about what Accela could provide, and never imagined the possibilities! We were looking for a more robust, digital communications system that would simplify how residents submit requests, receive updates and access city information, and we wanted it to be easy and a time-saver for our staff to use as well. We found our answer in the Accela Citizen Relationship Management (CRM) solution. Implementation a breeze Once I started the process of building our requests,… Continue reading

Why Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Needs Regulatory Technology Reform First

Tim Woodbury
This article was originally posted on Forbes.com. Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska, frustrated by the “red tape” of regulatory bottlenecks, has made federal permitting reform a focus of both his legislative agenda and a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed. The senator wants to limit new regulations, put a time limit on federal permit reviews, and create a “one-stop shop” for processing them as well. On these issues, Sullivan seems to have the ear of President Trump, as the president has moved swiftly with an executive order mandating that federal agencies repeal two regulations for every new one instituted. It’s not surprising that a hotel developer would be well acquainted with permitting delays and the impact regulatory reform could have on the success of his much-trumpeted infrastructure and jobs plans…. Continue reading

Top 3 Things to Know About the Civic Platform 9.0 Release

Amber D'Ottavio
We are pleased to announce that our latest software release is now available – Civic Platform 9.0! With this release, we are delivering a number of customer-requested features to make your job quicker and easier. We think you’ll be particularly excited about the Civic Platform’s redesigned workflow, citizen payment updates and improvements to GIS mapping. 1. Redesigned workflow The biggest and most exciting change to the Civic Platform is the reimagined workflow. We continue to look for new ways to make you more efficient in your job, and in doing so, we completely redesigned the user interface and usability. The updates to the workflow user interface were made using Bootstrap,… Continue reading

Legalize it? Regulate it!

Max Schnoedl
We are entering a new era of innovation, disruption and change. The very “norms” of how we live, travel and use energy are changing. Some of these changes are technologically-driven; e.g. ride- and home-sharing platforms such as Uber and Airbnb, or solar panels and their next generation, solar roofs. And some are cultural shifts—ten years ago we were telling kids not to talk to strangers online or get into unknown cars. Today, we casually hop into the car of a stranger we are connected to through an app and trust they will take us to our desired destination. Emerging responses While the sharing economy provides convenience and progress for many,… Continue reading

Civic Insight Has Seen Major Product Enhancements

Eddie Tejeda
Civic Insight, a cloud-based tool that measures, tracks and visualizes planning, permitting and code enforcement data, has been a part of the Accela family now for about a year. In that time, we have been working diligently to make the product even better for our users. We recently released Civic Insight 3.0, the most significant upgrade to Civic Insight since we first launched in 2012, and we want to tell you about all of the great new enhancements – many of which came about from user feedback and usage. Listening to feedback and working on moving the product forward resulted in the enhancement of two major features: 1) search and 2) analytics…. Continue reading

Marijuana and the Sharing Economy: The Top Government Regulatory Challenges of 2017

Tim Woodbury
Presidential politics has the tendency to drown out all other electoral storylines. If you’re in need of proof, consider this: marijuana was legalized for either recreational or medical use in eight of nine states in which it was on the ballot, including the big one – California. Cannabis is now legal in some form in 28 out of 50 states, yet that headline has barely been discussed in the mainstream media. This is just one of several public policy issues that will challenge government officials in 2017. Another is the sharing economy. State and local government officials throughout the U.S. have been trying to figure out how to handle the rise of Airbnb and ridesharing services Lyft and Uber for some time…. Continue reading

What it Means to Serve NEHA as a Technical Advisor

Darryl Booth
I received an exciting email last week from David Riggs, NEHA President, reappointing me as NEHA’s Technology and Informatics Technical Advisor. NEHA (National Environmental Health Association), and its 5,000 work to advance the environmental health and protection professional for the purpose of providing a healthful environment for all. Accela and NEHA are partnered in the Building Capacity initiative, a collaborative effort to elevate the environmental health profession through technology. I have held the position of Technical Advisor for several years and welcome the opportunity to serve again. In this capacity, I am responsible for providing subject-matter expertise and counsel on informatics to include software, GIS, and management applications to NEHA’s board of directors,… Continue reading

A note from Accela’s Chairman and new acting CEO, Mark Jung

Mark Jung
After spending some time working closely with the Accela team, I wanted to formally introduce myself and let you know that in addition to Chairman of the Board, I have assumed the role of acting CEO at Accela. For more than 15 years, many of which were under the excellent leadership of Maury Blackman, Accela has established itself as the leader in delivering robust, government-centric solutions that drive efficiency and engagement for communities of all sizes. From my experience leading both private and public companies in the enterprise software and cloud spaces, Accela has reached a place where it is ready to catapult to the next level,… Continue reading

It’s Time for Clean & Clear Civic Tech

Derek Porter
Accela guest blogger and EfficientGov columnist, Derek Porter, reviews key learnings from the largest civic tech conference. California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom addresses barriers to innovation. Accela Engage brings together more than 1,000 agency customers, government leaders, partners and Accela staff for the nation’s biggest civic technology conference. This week-long event is dedicated to focused learning on new and better ways to use civic tech to improve core processes and better engage with citizens. But it also engages government technology practitioners in building for success in a mobile-first, cloud-first world. A New Vision for Civic Tech The top takeaway from this year’s conference in Los Angeles, Calif., was that civic tech innovations have helped us fundamentally shift the way we understand our world and our place in it…. Continue reading

Removing Barriers with Accela Contractor Central

David Bischof
When we started our pilot program with Tampa last year, our goal was simple: make it easy for contractors to work with government agencies on the permitting process. Through joint collaboration with the Tampa agency and the contractors they work with, Accela used interviews, prototypes and a fully functioning application to really try and address issues that slowed down the permitting process. The result is a streamlined Contractor Central application, available on iOS and Android, that works with contractors to make their day-to-day jobs easier. How this app idea came about As a company, our mission is to provide the tools that make being a citizen,… Continue reading

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