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New Request For Proposals Wizard: Simplifying Your RFP Process


Selecting the right software that works for your agency is a daunting task. Request for Proposal (RFP) documents can be complicated and it’s easy to overlook a specification or goal in the process. Small to medium-sized agencies, especially with constrained budgets, often leverage RFPs created by other agencies in order to create their own. It’s common to copy RFP documents of much larger agencies that have intensive, tailored solution requirements that may not match the smaller agency’s true goals. This often results in vendors struggling to respond and quote excessive functionality that the smaller agencies do not need.

This is where the Request For Proposals Wizard comes in – giving you the freedom to create a custom RFP specific to your agency’s needs.

By providing smaller agencies an online RFP toolkit, we aim to:

  • Deliver RFP templates that truly fit the unique need and limited budget of small to medium-sized agencies
  • Offer a flexible, editable RFP automation wizard that serves as a starting point that agency users can easily customize
  • Help government agencies save time and reduce RFP development costs

The wizard leads visitors through eight questions in blank-field, checkbox and multiple-choice formats to easily and quickly create a tailored RFP. It offers step-by-step instructions and Q&A to help visitors in the process. Users can leverage the technical and functional requirements that we have summarized from existing RFPs without having to search for them.

Accela’s new RFP Wizard creates RFP templates for the following three solutions:

  • Land Management
  • Licensing and Case Management
  • Asset Management

All you need to go through the RFP Wizard is your contact information and key dates. After you have completed the steps an RFP document and a Functional Requirements matrix will automatically download to your computer.

Get started with the RFP Wizard now by clicking here.

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