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SaaS: The Emerging Standard for Government Agencies

Adam Stone

Microsoft and Accela Spotlight Benefits Found in the Next Generation of Software-as-a-Service

By Adam Stone / Accela As government technology leaders aim to modernize their operations, they’re looking for tools that will pare down capital refresh cycles and sunset old legacy systems. Additionally, they often seek to better respond with agility to evolving citizen expectations, protect privacy, and even help attract new talent. While there’s no silver bullet, many government entities are moving toward Software as a Service (SaaS) to deliver the solutions to these challenges. Over 41 percent of government IT leaders say they are making headway in migrating to the cloud, Deloitte reports,… Continue reading

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Using Accela To Meet Department Needs And Save Money

Scott Connors
Guest Blog from City of Pittsfield, Massachusetts Recently our Building Maintenance Department informed us of the upcoming license renewal for their internal work order system for the City of Pittsfield. This system was used to report a building issue to the Building Maintenance department, and also housed all of their preventive maintenance calls. Upon further investigation, we learned the cost for renewing the license and bringing the application up to date would be a staggering $42,000. Accela to the rescue A search was conducted to find a less expensive suitable replacement. During the search process, I realized we had a product in our arsenal which could do the job…. Continue reading

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Making Modernization a Reality for More Than 300 Communities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Ken Sawtelle
While the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is the most populous state in New England, it is also packed full of very small communities, over half of which have under 10,000 residents (with 80 percent under 40,000). And the proportionally smaller budgets have traditionally kept the most advanced and capable technological solutions out of reach. Not any longer. Accela and zedIT have partnered to bring the Civic Platform to small towns in an affordable and quick fashion with rapid implementation packages, making the best in government modernization finally attainable to the small towns in the Commonwealth. With built-in industry best practices specific to the needs of Massachusetts towns,… Continue reading

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Reflections and Predictions: How 2015 Successes Position Us to Capitalize on the Year Ahead

Maury Blackman
Without a doubt, 2015 was Accela’s biggest year to date. In February, we announced new funding — bringing us just north of $233 million invested in the business. We’re using the latest round to continue growing the Accela family through acquisitions and partnerships, while investing in building an even stronger Civic Platform. Building on six announced acquisitions in 2014 (Decade Software, Government Outreach, Kinsail, Envista, IQM2, GeoTMS), we established our productivity and civic engagement platform as unparalleled in the industry, adding Springbrook Software, SoftRight and PublicStuff in Spring 2015. We’re now laser-focused on efficiently integrating these stellar technologies into the core infrastructure of the Accela Civic Platform…. Continue reading

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The Mobile Citizen: Accela, the Construct API and…Lasagna? (Part 3 of 4)

David Shaeffer
This is the third post in a series on “The Mobile Citizen,” a look at how the Civic Platform is helping agencies of all sizes engage their mobile citizens and stay ahead of the “mobile mind shift.” —— Wednesdays in the New York City office means a rotating assortment of cuisines for team lunch (follow @dshaeffbk for the occasional #foodtweet). Typically we gather to talk about work, upcoming weekend plans, sports, movies, anything really. Every now and then new faces will spice things up. Earlier this month, Mark Headd and Seth Axthelm from our technical evangelist team were visiting. They work to enable, support, educate and innovate with Accela partners and customers to expand the Civic Platform…. Continue reading

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Keeping Track of What Is Happening in My Community with Civic Insight: Creating an experience for government…and much more

Maury Blackman
Today, I am proud to announce that Accela has entered into a strategic partnership with Civic Insight. In this blog post, I will discuss three tangible benefits Accela customers and citizens will gain from bringing the Civic Insight team into Accela. 1. Understanding what is going on in my neighborhood At Accela, we take a lot of inspiration from our neighbors in the Bay Area that are disrupting the way we do things. As such, we have also closely followed the success of, which makes it easy for citizens to be up to date on what’s going on in their communities. We believe Civic Insight,… Continue reading

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Why Civic Platform 8.0 Matters

Maury Blackman
Over the weekend, Accela released Civic Platform 8.0. For many of our employees, partners and customers, these releases are an annual or biannual event that produce a litany of new FAQs and release notes on the platform’s newest features. After many years of releasing product, it’s easy to see how these events become yet another “ho-hum” release listing off the “new stuff” added during the past cycle. However, this is not an ordinary release by any measure. Not only is it the most significant release in Accela’s history, but Civic Platform 8.0 is the most dramatic release in the government technology sector, ever. And I realize that is making a bold statement!… Continue reading


Civic Innovation in the Triangle

Mark Headd
This past weekend, a CityCamp unconference and hackathon were held in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. Long known as a home for technology innovators, the area has hosted a CityCamp event for the last five years, and the event is now marketed statewide. I had the privilege to present as a keynote speaker at this year’s event and to attend the weekend hackathon. CityCamp NC is an “unconference,” where attendees collaboratively decide on the agenda for the event in a brainstorming session that takes place shortly after the event begins. CityCamp NC was also complemented by some planned sessions run by APPCityLife (an Accela Development partner) and Girl Develop It…. Continue reading

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Springbrook Software and SoftRight Acquisitions Bring Finance & Administration to the Civic Platform

Maury Blackman
We are excited to announce that today we acquired Springbrook Software and SoftRight, leaders in cloud-based fund accounting, payroll, human resources and utility billing software. These new additions to the Civic Platform allow cities and counties not only to be more productive and modernize finance and billing processes, but also to meet demands of local residents. As we expand our platform and solidify our position as the leader in civic engagement, our truly connected and integrated solutions offer more capabilities to fit all agencies no matter the size or complexity. We will rebrand the Springbook and SoftRight solution suite as Accela Finance & Administration, and going forward we’ll have the ability to provide city and county agencies with the tools,… Continue reading

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Announcing the Accela Connect Hackathon Winners!

Mark Headd
The Accela Connect Conference – held from March 1st through 4th at the Squaw Valley Resort in Olympic Valley, California – brought together Accela staff, partners and developers for four great days of networking, training and discussions. And, of course, we found some time to do some civic hacking. We kicked off our annual partner conference with a one-day hackathon! Civic technologists, developers and Accela staff worked together to build new solutions using government open data hosted on CivicData. Almost 30 developers signed up to participate in the event. By the end of the day, we received nine inspiring submissions, including: data visualizations and analytics, custom CivicData agencies,… Continue reading

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