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Working on Government as a Platform

Mark Headd
I’ve been excited by the idea of government as a platform for a long time. It’s what motivated me to join my first civic hacking contest in 2008, and it has informed every decision in my professional career since then—including my decision to accept an invitation from the Mayor of the City of Philadelphia in 2012 to help implement that city’s award winning open data program. And it’s this same belief in the transformational power of the idea of government as a platform that led me to Accela. I’m thrilled to be joining the team at Accela as a Technical Evangelist to help developers and business partners build powerful new solutions for Accela’s customers on the Accela Civic Platform…. Continue reading

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Partners in Civic Good

Ken Sawtelle
The 2014 Accela Partner and Developer Conference was a great success. Our partners arrived expecting to learn how to increase their revenues building, selling and delivering Civic Platform solutions while providing civic good, and we did not let them down. As our company has grown, so has our channel. What started a decade ago as a small group of companies implementing our software has grown into a vibrant ecosystem across segments of sales, delivery, alliance and development, all actively enjoying success as Accela partners. With a focus on business, the Accela Partner and Developer Conference agenda was packed, including sessions on the details of our partner program,… Continue reading

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Hacking for Civic Good…and Tacos

Kris Trujillo
On Saturday June 1st, Civic Hackers across America united with a common thread, to change their communities by creating new mobile, web and social applications during the National Day of Civic Hacking. One Utah group in particular, Open Salt Lake, held Hack for Salt Lake, an event sponsored by Accela. At the hackathon, civic hackers worked with the City to access the Accela Automation system via the Accela Civic Platform, leading to the creation of a mobile application code named “Taco Cart.” The Taco Cart app was designed to solve for an existing problem facing Salt Lake residents today: locating the many food carts scattered across the city…. Continue reading

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