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Infrastructure Matters: Four Ways to Extend the Life of Your Assets While Reducing Costs

Kelly Delaney
People often take for granted the key public infrastructure and assets that keep our communities functioning. From traffic lights responsible for keeping rush hour traffic moving, to storm drains that capture rainwater that might otherwise flood our neighborhoods, infrastructure matters to our country, our economy, our quality of life and our communities. Hundreds of organizations are raising awareness about the need to invest in infrastructure locally and nationally in celebration of Infrastructure Week and National Public Works Week. I think many public works departments would agree that using the right technology and tools is the first step for effectively managing public infrastructure as cost-efficiently as possible to maximize long-term investment…. Continue reading


Customer of the Month: Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government Improves Water Quality Management

Andrew D'Ottavio
With Asset Management, we can track all our assets. It has better enabled us to track areas of need for the sake of planning future construction and capital construction projects. In 2010, the Division of Water Quality was tracking more than 16,500 records across 22 databases annually. The challenge: siloed communication made monitoring and reporting in compliance with U.S. EPA and Clean Water Act requirements a slow, difficult process. Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government’s solution was to automate major operations of the Division of Water Quality, allowing them to more effectively: Manage construction projects Prioritize requests for service Assign work orders and automate work scheduling Build an asset library and maintenance history Regulate discharge of materials With Accela Asset Management on the Civic Platform,… Continue reading

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Think Before You Cut: Collaboration in the Public Right of Way [Free Issue Brief]

Megan Lunetta
  “The most reliable way for local agencies and utilities to collaborate is to create a neutral platform where all stakeholders can share information on projects and work together.” Road construction, street cuts and repaving cause disruptions to all of us. And when the same street gets dug up repeatedly – what we call the dreaded double street cut – people get frustrated. You know when the pothole, pipe underneath and the fiber optic cable all need to be worked on at the same time and same place, but because they are coordinated by different entities the street gets dug up multiple times? This scenario and many like it happen everywhere and far too often,… Continue reading

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Right Way to Manage Right of Ways

Jeff Stiles
Accela acquired Envista today, and we’re thrilled to have their employees and customers join the Accela family. Envista’s cloud-based solutions provide visibility and real-time insight into street projects and activities of all kinds that occur within the public right of way. This enables proactive management of utility projects, public works, permitting, incidents, traffic and events to optimize street performance, reduce costs and minimize environmental impact. And, citizens have real-time visibility to the projects that have the potential to impact their communities and lives. We will rebrand the Envista solution as Accela Right of Way Management and continue to make this Software as a Service solution available on an annual subscription basis…. Continue reading

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Ride-along with the Fort Worth Stormwater Management Division’s Field Operations Work Crew

While in Fort Worth, Texas, for the inaugural Accela Asset Management User Group (AAMUG) meeting last month, the Fort Worth Stormwater Management Division invited several Accela employees to participate in a ride-along with their Field Operations work crews. As an Accela Product Manager, I was looking forward to observing how a work crew uses Accela Mobile Office to document work performed in the field and create new work orders, as needed, without returning to the office. I was prepared to observe a totally automated and paperless process, leveraging technology as an alternative to common “old school” techniques. Part of the City’s Transportation and Public Works Department,… Continue reading

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