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Accela Offers California Cities Aid with New Building Permit Extension

Jason Shueh
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Starting Jan. 1 cities and counties will be extending the time developers have to comply with building permit regulations and Accela is ready to assist governments that may need help adjusting services. California Gov. Jerry Brown signed California Assembly Bill 2913 (AB 2913) on Sept. 21, easing some of the tight building permit compliance deadlines placed on developers. Prior to the law, developers who received a building permit for construction were expected to comply with all building codes currently in force, no matter when those codes were added. This meant builders that received a permit were still required to comply with a code even if it had been added or updated after construction plans were approved or construction was underway. Continue reading

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Two Planning and Building Applications Aim to Accelerate City Housing through Data, Mobile Apps and Analytics

Jason Shueh
Two new planning and building apps reduce overhead and maintenance costs, offering out-of-the-box tools   To accommodate the heightened demand for housing, cities have employed a number of mechanisms, from policies that promote affordable housing and rent control, to economic development programs that seed new construction and support first time home buyers. Yet no matter the city or its preferred housing strategy, a common challenge faced by all cities is having enough capacity to process the many transactions required to build or modify their residential properties. For this, and other planning and building tasks, Accela introduces two simple, yet sophisticated, solutions: the Accela Civic Application… Continue reading

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Fresno Launches ‘FAASTER’ Planning and Permitting System

Jason Shueh
The city hopes to speed up its permitting process with a system that gives residents instant access to its building and planning services.   Accela’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of Accela’s Environmental Health Division Darryl Booth, left, and Fresno Mayor Lee Brand celebrate the launch of the city’s new permitting system. Officials in Fresno, California announced the launch of an interactive permitting and planning tool Thursday, a measure that replaces the city’s previous system while supporting Mayor Lee Brand’s effort to drive economic development through modern city services. Fresno calls the system, developed by Accela, the Fresno Accelerated Application System to Track Electronic Reviews, or… Continue reading

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Announcing BLDS 1.0

Mark Headd
In May, I described a months-long process that was focused on the development of a new building permit data standard called the Building and Land Development Specification (BLDS, pronounced “builds”). When we discussed our work in helping to develop this standard, we made specific note of the importance of building permit data: “A shared standard for building permit data that can be adopted by multiple governments will help foster the development of new solutions that can be shared between jurisdictions. It will allow for analysis across jurisdictions, helping to highlight what works well and what doesn’t. And, most importantly, it can help foster a better… Continue reading

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Developing a Data Standard for Building Permits

Mark Headd
At Accela, we understand the power of permit data. For the past several months, Accela has been working with a broad consortium of stakeholders to develop a data standard for building permits issued by cities and counties. We’re helping a growing number of our customers publish their data in this format and we’ve been hard at work building a prototype application based on this new data standard. Now we want you to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty using this data — we want to hear what people think of the data we’re currently publishing, and what they’d like to see in… Continue reading

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Guest Blog from CityGovApp | Inspection Request App: Easier for Contractors and Less Work for the City

Haseeb Chaudhry
Accela Engage was a great opportunity to hear directly from agency staff how they are using the Accela Civic Platform in their building and planning departments. Many cities are competing with each other to attract new investments in their communities. Having an efficient planning, permitting and approval process can make the difference between keeping or losing new development projects. At CityGovApp, we’ve had a long history of working alongside Accela to build and deploy apps that help agencies across the country to be more efficient and citizen-friendly. We’ve worked alongside agencies like Westminster, Colorado, to develop their Manhole Inspection app and at Accela Engage 2013… Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Building a Better Palo Alto with Civic Insight

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Civic Insight, one of Accela’s app partners. Picture this: you’re an entrepreneur who’s just signed the lease on your new storefront. You’re itching to knock down some walls, to make the space embody your vision. Or maybe you’re a homeowner looking to remodel your kitchen, or finally finish out that basement. These folks are vital to a thriving city: the ones launching new businesses, fixing up old buildings, investing in their homes and creating new places for residents to live, work and play. As a public servant looking to foster economic development, you want to make it… Continue reading

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Guest Blog from GovLoop | Your Future Is Already Mapped Out

Editor’s Note: Missed the “A Modern Approach to Permitting and Planning” training session on November 21 produced by GovLoop, Esri and Accela? Read on and then listen to the recording to hear how agencies are creating a more holistic approach to land management and a checklist of things to consider as your agency looks to do the same. Your Future Is Already Mapped OutBy Kathryn David, GovLoop “Success in GIS is putting actionable intelligence into the hands of the people that need it.” -Keith Cooke, State Government Account Executive, Esri Technology helps us make sense of constantly changing and complex data. One field where managing real-time developments… Continue reading