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Four Ways Digital Innovation is Shaping Short-term Rental Regulation


Accela celebrates week five of Building Safety Month by spotlighting effective digital tools that are transforming how cities adapt to the short-term rental industry

Short-term rentals (STR) have changed how we think about housing and travel. They reshaped the hotel and tourism industry, made travel more affordable and created new opportunities for homeowners to generate extra income. Yet with this change, cities are challenged to adapt regulations to ensure this new industry is fairly taxed and operates safely.As part of week five in the International Code Council’s Building Safety Month, that supports the theme “Innovations in Building Safety,” Accela is here to offer advice and tools for STR regulation…. Continue reading

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Pool Safety: Tips and Tech to Protect Your Community

Hana AlBarazi

Accela celebrates Building Safety Month with resource to increase pool and water safety

The summer pool season is nearly here, and with it, you can almost hear the chirp of the lifeguard’s safety whistle: “Breet! No running! Breet! No splashing! Breet! No diving near the shallow end! Breeeet! Only 30 to 50 parts per million of Cyanuric Acid allowed in the pool — well, maybe strike that last one. Even so, when it comes to safety, pool care and conditions are critical. With young people all over the country anticipating summer break, pool season is about to open with a splash, presenting a crucial opportunity to focus on safety best practices Whether most residents know it or not,… Continue reading

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Building Safety Month: Tips to Safeguard Your Community

Building codes can seem frustrating. They demand building plan approvals, collaboration with city planning and building departments and they create a chain of checkups and inspections along the way. Yet building codes also protect residents and save lives and this is why Accela celebrates May as Building Safety Month. The International Code Council (ICC) has set the time aside to call attention to the significance of building codes and provide education to governments and communities about how they can leverage this regulatory tool to protect residents during times of disaster. “All communities need building codes to protect their citizens from disasters like fires, weather-related events and structural collapse,” the ICC notes…. Continue reading

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Building Safety Month: A Cause for Celebrating Community Development

Kelly Delaney
This month, we celebrate Community Development agencies, who oversee the building and permitting codes that save lives and businesses. Accela software helps them do it.

May is Building Safety Month, a public awareness campaign driven by the International Code Council (ICC) to highlight the different elements needed to build safe and sustainable structures. As the ICC says, building codes save lives. We spend a significant amount of our lives inside structures, so having a safe place to live, work and play is crucial. Building codes, and the local Community Development municipal agencies that oversee and implement them, protect citizens and businesses from many dangerous events like fire,… Continue reading

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