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Accela Engage Series: Q&A with Melissa Chiong, Business Programs Supervisor for the City of Tampa

Kathryn Vargas
Melissa Chiong is Business Programs Supervisor for the City of Tampa. Last year, she accepted the Open for Business Award on behalf of the City of Tampa for its work in providing a one-stop shop for citizens and contractors to get development services. This will be her second year attending and her first year presenting a breakout session. Have you attended Engage in the past?Yes, I attended last year for the first time. What do you enjoy most about Engage?I enjoyed meeting other agencies and hearing about their solutions, accomplishments and challenges. What are you most looking forward to at Engage 2016?I am looking forward to meeting more people and interacting with some of the customers and Accela staff that I have talked to over the phone and via email…. Continue reading

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Government Invades SXSW: An Interview with Civic Insight Co-founder Eddie Tejeda

Kathryn Vargas
South by Southwest (SXSW) is an annual set of conferences and festivals staged in Austin, TX, that showcase original music, independent films and emerging technologies. The SXSW Interactive conference specifically is a breeding ground for new ideas and creative technologies, including a startup accelerator. 2016 marked the first year SXSW offered a government track, because rather than SXSW happening to the City of Austin, the organizers wanted it to happen in collaboration with the City of Austin. The organizers had the opinion that “Mayors need to embrace civic tech startups early, be part of the iterating, and help frame the issues to make it easier for companies to navigate the bureaucratic dark matter within their organizations.” The Mayor of the City of Austin and the City of Austin Innovation Office put out the following questions to civic tech startups across the country: How might startups and entrepreneurs help cities solve their toughest challenges?… Continue reading

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The Mobile Citizen: Accela, the Construct API and…Lasagna? (Part 3 of 4)

David Shaeffer
This is the third post in a series on “The Mobile Citizen,” a look at how the Civic Platform is helping agencies of all sizes engage their mobile citizens and stay ahead of the “mobile mind shift.” —— Wednesdays in the New York City office means a rotating assortment of cuisines for team lunch (follow @dshaeffbk for the occasional #foodtweet). Typically we gather to talk about work, upcoming weekend plans, sports, movies, anything really. Every now and then new faces will spice things up. Earlier this month, Mark Headd and Seth Axthelm from our technical evangelist team were visiting. They work to enable, support, educate and innovate with Accela partners and customers to expand the Civic Platform…. Continue reading

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Keeping Track of What Is Happening in My Community with Civic Insight: Creating an experience for government…and much more

Maury Blackman
Today, I am proud to announce that Accela has entered into a strategic partnership with Civic Insight. In this blog post, I will discuss three tangible benefits Accela customers and citizens will gain from bringing the Civic Insight team into Accela. 1. Understanding what is going on in my neighborhood At Accela, we take a lot of inspiration from our neighbors in the Bay Area that are disrupting the way we do things. As such, we have also closely followed the success of, which makes it easy for citizens to be up to date on what’s going on in their communities. We believe Civic Insight,… Continue reading

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