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Accela Customers Shine in the 2018 Digital Cities Survey Awards

Jason Shueh
(Shutterstock / hin255) The Center for Digital Government (CDG) has announced the winners of its 2018 Digital Cities Survey awards this month, and with that announcement, Accela would like to honor our many customers that were acknowledged in this prestigious innovation award. The annual survey recognizes the top cities that employ technology to solve pressing challenges in their communities and improve services for citizens.In a post by the CDG, the Center’s Executive director Teri Takai praised the winners and recognized cities for their innovative thinking and determination. “This year’s Digital Cities Survey winners are leading the nation when it comes to leveraging data to improve a wide range of city services and initiatives,” Takai said…. Continue reading

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What Really Makes Cities Smart: Understanding the Citizen Experience

Heidi Lorenzen
Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Heidi Lorenzen, vice president of marketing for Accela that was originally posted in CitiesSpeak, the official blog of the National League of Cities. Cities are laboratories for democracy where residents can directly access their local elected leaders to make their concerns known. While federal regulation and legislation moves at a seemingly glacial pace, cities have to act nimbly and continuously evolve to maintain a well-functioning community. Cities all across the country are navigating emerging regulatory challenges that include ride sharing registration in New York City to e-scooters in San Francisco, to cannabis regulation in towns coast to coast…. Continue reading

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What Kind of Civic Superhero are You?

Content loading… Please enable javascript! Which Unsung Hero of Marketing Are You Most Like? Emerging regulatory challenges Community engagement Process improvement and efficiency Budget shortfall Cybersecurity Data-driven decision making / analytics Legacy systems Talent acquisition / retention Other Government publications / media Colleagues Private sector Events Other Business licensing Permit processing Service requests (311) Emerging regulation (short-term rentals, cannabis, scooters, etc.) Public safety Environmental health Other The Data-driven Detective The Frontline Phenom Maverick Mastermind

Take this quiz to learn your Civic Superhero type and get resources to supercharge your community

You may not swoop down to save citizens from speeding cars, leap tall buildings or fly through the air,… Continue reading

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6 Accela Customers Win Route Fifty’s 2018 Navigator Awards


The Awards Spotlighted Individuals and Organizations that Delivered Transformative Services in 2018

The 2018 Navigator Awards were held on the first night of the National League of Cities 2018 City Summit. (Accela) Accela customers took home a sizable share of this year’s Route Fifty Navigator Awards, representing six out of the 10 winners.Coinciding with the first night of the National League of Cities City Summit, Route Fifty presented the awards at a special ceremony in the GRAMMY Museum in downtown Los Angeles. The event honored the Accela customers of California; Tennessee; Boston; New York City; Arlington, Texas; San Jose, California; and St. Louis, Missouri for their transformative efforts and initiatives in their communities…. Continue reading

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Accelarate 2018 Convenes Govtech Thought Leaders to Assist State and Local Governments

Jason Shueh
The rapid shift in technology, regulation and an upsurge in urban populations are presenting governments with unprecedented challenges. Advances in technology have heightened citizen expectations for 24/7 support and private sector speed. The sharing economy and the legalization of cannabis have stirred new licensing and permitting obstacles; while at the same time, denser neighborhoods have increased pressure on departments to deliver the same services on a larger scale. To aid governments with these and other challenges Accelarate, Accela’s annual govtech conference, will converge innovators from across the public sector in Atlanta on Oct. 10-13 to provide insights and strategies under the theme of Governing the Future…. Continue reading

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Reshaping Image and Credibility through Modernization

Jason Shueh

Executive Chairman of Accela Mark Jung talks about the new era of engaged customer service and how governments can seize the moment

Editor’s Note: Mark Jung is the former executive chairman of Accela who served from 2016 to 2019. Mark Jung is the executive chairman of Accela. He has advised the company on strategic initiatives and operations since 2015 and has served as Accela’s executive chairman since 2016.Speaking about the new challenges of changing customer expectations, Jung speaks about how governments can leverage this moment to improve services, save resources and shape perception within the communities they serve. He also shares his thoughts on how governments can adapt to emerging industries such as cannabis,… Continue reading

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Reflections and Predictions: How 2015 Successes Position Us to Capitalize on the Year Ahead

Maury Blackman
Without a doubt, 2015 was Accela’s biggest year to date. In February, we announced new funding — bringing us just north of $233 million invested in the business. We’re using the latest round to continue growing the Accela family through acquisitions and partnerships, while investing in building an even stronger Civic Platform. Building on six announced acquisitions in 2014 (Decade Software, Government Outreach, Kinsail, Envista, IQM2, GeoTMS), we established our productivity and civic engagement platform as unparalleled in the industry, adding Springbrook Software, SoftRight and PublicStuff in Spring 2015. We’re now laser-focused on efficiently integrating these stellar technologies into the core infrastructure of the Accela Civic Platform…. Continue reading

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Watch It Work: See Civic Tech Solutions in Action — Sales Pitch Not Included

Amber D'Ottavio
Thanks to the Internet, it’s a DIY world. Searches for how-to videos have skyrocketed 70% in the last year. Whether you want to learn how to build a retaining wall or setup a home theater with stadium seating and surround sound, your first thought isn’t to reach out to a salesperson — you go online instead to learn from people who have been there, done that. That’s why we’ve created the Watch it Work webinars, a new series of 25-minute live demos that showcase our civic solutions in action in a quick and to-the-point format. No pushy sales presentation. No salesperson at all. An expert will demo for you how our tools can help you address common challenges in just 25 minutes (plus 5 minutes for questions)…. Continue reading

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Community in Action: Recap of CityCampSF

Lawrence Grodeska
Last month a passionate group of citizens gathered at the Code for America headquarters in San Francisco, California, to share, listen and take action to build a better community. I was one of the organizers of CityCampSF, an event that brought over 200 citizens together to discuss what is most important to them and their community. The event kicked off with welcoming remarks from myself to an exciting mix of public, private and nonprofit sector citizens. The opening panel hosted by GovFresh revealed insights about pioneering civic innovation within the City of San Francisco from Chief Information Officer Jay Nath and Chief Data Officer Joy Bonaguro…. Continue reading

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Announcing Accela Connect: Accela’s Partner and Developer Conference

Ken Sawtelle
We’re excited to announce Accela Connect, our upcoming developer and partner conference! We are bringing together developers, partners, customers and Accela employees to connect, network and learn. The event offers our partners and developers a variety of learning opportunities, including: Lightning Talks to share success stories Developer and Partner Speed Networking Hands-on Training Accela Connect Hackathon led by Mark Headd and Seth Axthelm, offering opportunities to build the next killer apps for cash and prizes Partner Express Training and partner meetings to learn more about the partner program and initiatives, see how partners can earn more revenue by marketing and growing their pipeline, and see what’s next in the Civic Platform Accela Connect is a great place to meet with thought leaders in the civic technology space…. Continue reading

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