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Study Finds Emerging Regulations Will Redefine Permitting, Inspections and Oversight

Adam Stone

Leaders See Incoming Regulations to Have Sweeping Impacts Across Government Services

Dustin Haisler, e.Republic’s Chief Innovation Officer, reveals key findings in emerging regulation research at Accelarate 2018. In the face of a rapidly-changing regulatory landscape, government leaders will need to team up with technology providers in order to increase communication and cooperation across a range of operational areas, new research shows. These are among the findings that were unveiled at the Accelarate 2018 conference, on Oct. 12, in Atlanta, Georgia. The findings were presented by Dustin Haisler, e.Republic’s chief innovation officer and are part of a new study conducted by e.Republic’s Center for Digital Government,… Continue reading

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Short-Term Rentals: Modern Tech Solutions for Hassle-Free Regulation


How an Easy-to-Use, Self-Registration Platform Helps Local Governments Forge Constructive Relationships with the Newest Breed of Small Business Owners

Hardly a week goes by without news of the ongoing tug of war between short-term rental (STR) platforms and local communities. Ever since residents started using digital platforms to rent out everything from a fold-out couch to an entire vacation home, city and county governments have grappled with how to respond. Across the U.S. and around the world, governments are divided in how they feel about STRs. Some municipalities have tried to ban them outright, while others welcome this new business model as a way to draw more visitors to their cities and stimulate commerce…. Continue reading

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