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Accela Engage Series: Q&A with Doug Petroshius, Assistant Village Manager for the Village of Lincolnwood, Illinois

David Shaeffer
Doug Petroshius is the Assistant Village Manager for the Village of Lincolnwood, IL, where he has been since 2004. This year will be his first time attending Engage, and he’s looking forward to it! What are you most looking forward to at Engage 2016?I work for the Village of Lincolnwood, which has been a Springbrook customer since 2003. Recently with Accela’s acquisition of Springbrook (now Accela Finance and Administration) and Lincolnwood’s implementation of Accela Citizen Relationship Management (CRM) earlier this year (and recently executed contract for Accela Land and Licensing and Case Management), my community is investing in the Accela Civic Platform. I am looking forward to understanding more about the Accela approach to software and previewing other software systems…. Continue reading

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Accela Engage Series: Q&A with Judy Steele, Deputy Director of Excise and License for the City and County of Denver

Kelly Delaney
Judy Steele is Deputy Director of Excise and License at the City and County of Denver, Colorado. She has been joining us at Engage for the last several years, and most recently introduced Denver’s Marijuana Licensing program at Engage 2015. What are you most looking forward to at Engage 2016?I enjoy the networking opportunity and I look forward to learning what has changed for jurisdictions and the new things they are doing. I always take away great ideas and strategies that others have implemented, and network for additional support throughout the next year. What do you hope to learn at Engage 2016?I am particularly looking for information concerning hosted agencies and using the cloud…. Continue reading

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Accela Engage Series: Q&A with Stan Reichert, IT Project Manager for Oklahoma City

David Shaeffer
Stan Reichert is IT Project Manager with the City of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He has been joining us at Engage for the past 10 years, and has been a frequent speaker and collaborator at this event. Have you attended Engage in the past?Yes, for about 10 years. If so, what things do you enjoy most about Engage?Connecting with other clients with similar interests and needs as well as solving common problems together. I also enjoy being able to meet with Accela staff face-to-face. What are you most looking forward to at Engage 2016?Learning about what is coming up in future versions of 8.0.x for Accela Land Management and Accela Licensing and Case Management…. Continue reading

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The Case for Modernizing the Alcohol and Marijuana Licensing Process

Karin Vertefeuille
Licensing is an intricate process, and for good reason — it is incumbent on governments to protect their communities, and they need a lot of information to make an accurate assessment of regulated businesses. What they don’t need, though, is all the paper pushing and managing data across multiple systems. Having worked in government myself, I know that regulatory restrictions make change difficult. But while cumbersome methods may work okay for awhile, even a small shift in balance (new regulation, new responsibilities, new requirements) can quickly topple any tentative stability. Things work, until suddenly they don’t. For example, take a look at three real-world scenarios below: After wrestling with four different systems to manage applications,… Continue reading

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New Request For Proposals Wizard: Simplifying Your RFP Process

Rob Cassetti
Selecting the right software that works for your agency is a daunting task. Request for Proposal (RFP) documents can be complicated and it’s easy to overlook a specification or goal in the process. Small to medium-sized agencies, especially with constrained budgets, often leverage RFPs created by other agencies in order to create their own. It’s common to copy RFP documents of much larger agencies that have intensive, tailored solution requirements that may not match the smaller agency’s true goals. This often results in vendors struggling to respond and quote excessive functionality that the smaller agencies do not need. This is where the Request For Proposals Wizard comes in – giving you the freedom to create a custom RFP specific to your agency’s needs…. Continue reading

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