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Recipe for Success: Manatee County Shows How to Move to the Cloud

Adam Stone
Success requires perseverance. In Manatee County, Fla., vigorous building and development activity has been testing the limits of old manual processes. At 893 square miles, this county of some 385,000 citizens has been performing about 3,500 property inspections a week. In early 2018 county officials implemented an Accela solution to automate and streamline that workload. The new solution has reduced paper processes, modernized back-end operations, and opened up new avenues of information-sharing across county offices. “We liked the thought of having just one system that would allow all our areas to collaborate with each other,” said Glenna Campana, Manatee County, Fla.’s business services manager for its Building and Development Services Department…. Continue reading

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Speed, Service Quality, Agile Strategies: Manatee County Moves to the Cloud

Bradenton, Manatee County
Aging software and systems are a struggle for governments everywhere, but what do officials do when these same systems jeopardize essential services? They adapt. In this video, Manatee’s Director of Building and Development Services John Barnott explains how the county took 20-year-old systems and transformed them with the help of Accela’s cloud solutions for planning and building. This helped them save $250,000 annually and dramatically accelerate operations. Barnott said the county wanted to ensure services could meet the demands of residents, and many of the county’s older system were no longer supported by the vendors that had originally sold them. This meant constant fears of possible service outages and potentially high repair costs if a system went down…. Continue reading

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