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National League of Cities Summit Prepares Agencies for Cannabis

Jason Shueh

As Midterm election results reveal a greater appetite for cannabis, Accela’s Vice President of Strategic Solutions Greg Felix explains best tools and strategies to manage regulations

Accela’s Vice President of Strategic Solutions Greg Felix speaks to city officals about effective cannabis regulation at the National League of Cities City Summit. (Accela) Voters gave legalized marijuana another commanding victory in this month’s midterm elections prompting cities to take note at the 2018 National League of Cities (NLC) City Summit.The event, that ran from Nov. 7-10, offered its 3,800-plus city leaders opportunities to discuss key topic affecting their communities. The impacts of the cannabis industry and its regulatory issues held a key place in these discussions,… Continue reading

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Culver City Charts Path for Safe and Secure Cannabis Licensing

Jason Shueh

The city went live with Accela’s out-of-the-box cannabis licensing app to improve oversight and discourage black market marijuana sales

When it comes to recreational marijuana, leaders in the Southern California community of Culver City are focused on consumer protection. They want business owners to have state and federal background checks, they want to ensure safe products, to have thorough inspections and they want a clear way to monitor and manage it all.Using Accela’s Civic Solution for Cannabis Regulation, the city announced the launch of a new enterprise application on Sept. 25 that has done just that. The business licensing and permitting app allows the city to securely store documentation for applicants — like fingerprint and certification data…. Continue reading

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Michigan Issues First Medical Marijuana Licenses

Jason Shueh

State leadership used Accela’s Civic Solution for Cannabis to process the applications

This month Michigan achieved a major milestone in cannabis regulation with the release of its first set of medical marijuana licenses. On July 12 the state’s Medical Marihuana Licensing Board granted licenses to four large grow and transport operations based in Chesaning, Ann Arbor and Lansing. Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) used Accela’s Cannabis Solution to process the requests and the hundreds that are still more under review. The state estimates that medical marijuana will become a $700 million industry and a driver of economic development. In an interview with the Detroit Free Press Andrew Brisbo,… Continue reading

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Michigan Ready to Issue First Medical Marijuana Licenses

Jason Shueh

The state’s more than 500 digitally processed applications act as a model for modernization and revenue generation

With the first medical marijuana licenses expected for release on July 12 and 546 applications already processed, Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) announced Wednesday that licenses can be distributed as soon as approval is given by the state’s Medical Marihuana Licensing Board. LARA’s Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation used technology found in Accela’s Civic Application for Cannabis Regulation to process hundreds of medical marijuana license applications that were submitted since December 2017. The bureau’s Director Andrew Brisbo said the licensing system aided the state to handle the demands of applicants in an uncharted and developing industry…. Continue reading

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Why GIS Mapping may be the Next Game Changer in Marijuana Regulation

Jason Shueh
Denver active cannabis license map

Denver shows how Esri GIS and Accela’s licensing tools are accelerating cannabis license processing and transparency.

For government, geography has an implicit connection to decision making. Geography directs how we navigate our streets, determines food choices, influences home prices, employment options, utilities and even the access we have to quality health care. With so much riding on location, maps have become a staple of government as agencies hunt for quick insights and competent solutions. Now, the public sector’s capacity for cartography is gaining new ground through the spread of legalized cannabis. There are 30 states and Washington, D.C., that have legalized medical marijuana, eight of these have approved it for recreational use and still more are considering legalization in some form…. Continue reading

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Accela Engage Series: Q&A with Judy Steele, Deputy Director of Excise and License for the City and County of Denver

Kelly Delaney
Judy Steele is Deputy Director of Excise and License at the City and County of Denver, Colorado. She has been joining us at Engage for the last several years, and most recently introduced Denver’s Marijuana Licensing program at Engage 2015. What are you most looking forward to at Engage 2016?I enjoy the networking opportunity and I look forward to learning what has changed for jurisdictions and the new things they are doing. I always take away great ideas and strategies that others have implemented, and network for additional support throughout the next year. What do you hope to learn at Engage 2016?I am particularly looking for information concerning hosted agencies and using the cloud…. Continue reading

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The Case for Modernizing the Alcohol and Marijuana Licensing Process

Karin Vertefeuille
Licensing is an intricate process, and for good reason — it is incumbent on governments to protect their communities, and they need a lot of information to make an accurate assessment of regulated businesses. What they don’t need, though, is all the paper pushing and managing data across multiple systems. Having worked in government myself, I know that regulatory restrictions make change difficult. But while cumbersome methods may work okay for awhile, even a small shift in balance (new regulation, new responsibilities, new requirements) can quickly topple any tentative stability. Things work, until suddenly they don’t. For example, take a look at three real-world scenarios below: After wrestling with four different systems to manage applications,… Continue reading

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