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Accela Customers Take Top Honors in the 2018 Digital Counties Survey

The Center for Digital Government (CDG) has put a spotlight on Accela customers at its 2018 Digital Counties Survey that honors counties that have implemented innovative technology practices. The CDG identified nine Accela customers that placed in the top three of their respective categories in a press releaseWednesday. Among these waso Sonoma County, California, that won first place for counties with 500,000 to under a million residents; Arlington County, Virginia, that took first for counties with 150,000 to under 250,000 residents; and Nevada County, California, that ranked first for counties of up to 150,000 residents. CDG announced the 63 winning counties with the National Association of Counties that partnered with the CDG to conduct the analysis…. Continue reading

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County Leaders Uncover New Opportunities for Food Recovery

Darryl Booth

Local leaders are showing how technology and collaboration can fight hunger and reduce waste

The challenge I’m about to describe is not new. In fact, your own county may be attacking this matter already, and there are organizations like ReFED, the Food Recovery Network, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the EPA and others that are heavily invested in solving the issue with education and science-based recommendations. For this, we are grateful and acknowledge these good works, and yet, acknowledge the matter is still a proving-ground for local leadership. Food Waste <br The challenge I refer to is food waste, and the problem of food waste streams…. Continue reading

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