Accela Legislative Management News Brief

Amherst, NY, Enhances Citizen Experience with Addition of Accela Civic Streaming

Accela, the leading provider of civic engagement solutions for government, announced today that Amherst, New York,
a current user of Accela Agenda and Minutes, has added Accela Civic Streaming on the Civic Platform. Accela Civic Streaming will enable Amherst to build public trust and awareness by making it easy for citizens to search for meeting decisions and the corresponding meeting videos online.

“With the implementation of our Accela Civic Streaming—which complements their use of Agenda and Minutes—Amherst is taking the next step in enhancing the citizen experience and delivering video streaming and online viewing of meetings and events directly to the homes and hands of citizens,” said Daryl Blowes, Sr. Vice President and General Manager of Legislative Management, Accela. “We are thrilled to be deepening our relationship with Amherst in delivering solutions that meet their needs and offer greater citizen engagement.”

About Amherst
Amherst has a population of approximately 123,000 and the most populous suburb of Buffalo, New York. The town was created by the State of New York in April 1818 and is located in Erie County.

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