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VuSpex, Inx.

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The seasoned VuSpex management team consists of developers from the construction industry as well as Silicon Valley technologists and business innovators. The solution was developed and tested with the extensive help of agency users and our partners at Accela. Our goal is to help communities build smarter and better.

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Building Better.

The VuSpex application works by connecting the Contractor’s smartphone to the Building Inspector’s desktop or tablet device with a live video and voice stream. The application enables the Inspector to view, annotate, document and result the inspection while archiving in the cloud. The end result is a substantial improvement in efficiency with the added benefit of supporting agency green initiatives.

This app benefits agencies wanting to reduce driving time and costs as well as leverage Building Inspector experience. Building Contractors also benefit by eliminating the wait for building inspections.

VuSpex saves time and operating costs for Contractors, Inspectors and their agencies.

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