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Aaron joined Accela in 2010 following a decade of experience as a technology consultant serving both public and private sectors. Working for Accela Services from 2010-2013, Aaron was a technical lead, implementing Accela products across the nation. From business process to design to implementation and maintenance, Aaron is an Accela expert. Aaron joined the Customer Success team in 2013, bringing his comprehensive experience and applied skills to help agencies optimize their use of the Civic Platform.

In his spare time, Aaron enjoys climbing, mountaineering, alpine touring and all forms of wandering with his wife. He also plays fingerpicking blues guitar and has a dog named Blue.

Behind the Scenes: Aaron Williams in Customer Success

Behind the Scenes: Aaron Williams in Customer Success
How long have you been with Accela? I’ve been with the company for about five years now. I started in Professional Services as a technical consultant, handling all of the technical things during an implementation such as data conversion, port development, scripting development, interfaces and configurations. I spent the first two and a half years on the enterprise license deployment of the New York City project. I literally got rid of my apartment in Salt Lake City, Utah, and was traveling basically 100% of the time. I actually met my wife, who worked for Accenture, on that project the last year I was there. The Customer Success organization was created near the very end of the NYC project. I was ready for my next challenge, so I applied for the position. The Customer Success team was created to help our customers get the most out of their technology investment. Instead...
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