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Andrew K Kirk is VP, Sales & Marketing at CitySourced, a real-time mobile civic engagement platform. In addition to managing the sales and marketing teams, he works directly with both Government and Enterprise customers and partners. Prior to CitySourced, he founded and sold a marketing firm for early-stage software companies. Say hello to him on Twitter and connect on LinkedIn.

Guest Blog from CitySourced | The Value of the Accela Civic Platform for Government Agencies

At the Accela Engage User Conference in San Diego, many of us heard Accela software referred to as the “Civic Platform.” What does it really mean to be a software platform? For us at CitySourced , as a strategic development partner for Accela, we believe the platform provides the back-office foundation on which our solution can thrive. We’ve created a citizen engagement platform that serves as a municipality’s “mobile City Hall.” Through our solution, a resident can get easy access to such services as reporting a pothole (asset management), submitting overgrown brush (fire code enforcement), purchasing a fishing or pet license (licensing) or paying a parking ticket (finance). Our audience is your organization’s public-facing community, and our development strategy is a mobile-first, responsive approach. What that all means is that we don’t personally want to build the code enforcement system or the licensing system. However, without these important underlying systems...
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