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Claire Jubb is the Customer Service Manager for the Community Development Department in Charlotte County, Florida. Claire holds a Bachelor of Science with Honors from the University of Wales College Cardiff and has been a Certified Floodplain Manager for over 8 years. Claire’s duties include all budgetary, administrative, technological and financial aspects of a department of over 90 employees that handle all land management-related issues for the County. Claire was involved in the selection and implementation of Accela in 2009 and handles all implementations, upgrades and changes from the business unit perspective.

Guest Blog from Charlotte County, Florida | Becoming Resilient: Fighting Back against Hurricanes and Taking the Unexpected in Stride

I recently had the honor of presenting at the National Association of Counties (NACo) Resilient Counties Forum as part of a keynote session focused around technology. My fellow presenters included Jeff Stiles, Accela’s Vice President of Marketing, and Ron Hughes, Chief Deputy State Information Officer for the State of California. The Forum was part of NACo’s Presidential Initiative to encourage counties across the country to be more resilient against the many challenges they face. My brief was to talk about how the county I work for, Charlotte County on the southwest coast of Florida, utilizes technology—primarily Accela Land Management on the Civic Platform—to help us become more resilient. Initially, my thoughts went to resiliency against natural disaster and post-disaster recovery. In August of 2004, Charlotte County took a direct hit from a category 4 hurricane (Hurricane Charley). During our recovery, we identified many aspects of our existing technology that was...
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