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Haseeb’s specialty is helping local governments introduce innovative mobile strategies to engage citizens, increase productivity and lower costs. He has worked in the software industry for the past 25 years and specializes in user experience and management strategy. Haseeb has designed over 50 mobile apps for local governments and the private sector.

Guest Blog from CityGovApp | Inspection Request App: Easier for Contractors and Less Work for the City

Accela Engage was a great opportunity to hear directly from agency staff how they are using the Accela Civic Platform in their building and planning departments. Many cities are competing with each other to attract new investments in their communities. Having an efficient planning, permitting and approval process can make the difference between keeping or losing new development projects. At CityGovApp, we’ve had a long history of working alongside Accela to build and deploy apps that help agencies across the country to be more efficient and citizen-friendly. We’ve worked alongside agencies like Westminster, Colorado , to develop their Manhole Inspection app and at Accela Engage 2013 we showcased the Garbage Collection app for the City of El Paso, Texas. To that end, we recently released Inspection Request, a new mobile app on the Accela Civic Platform, designed to reduce the workload for building departments and streamline the inspection request process...
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