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Jeff Stiles leads Accela’s marketing and communications activities as the vice president of marketing for Accela. Having held leadership positions at SAP, PeopleSoft and Cognos Corporation, Mr. Stiles brings over 25 years of software industry experience. His background includes marketing and selling to large organizations, small-to-midsize businesses and government agencies.

Better Governing through Civic Engagement

It’s already happening. You see it when citizens report potholes, broken signs, graffiti or nuisances using 311 apps. You see it with hackathons , the open data movement, and with organizations like Code for America and Tumml brokering innovation by bringing together developers and government agencies. There’s a palpable energy driven by technological innovations, heightened expectations, and the diverse needs of governments and the businesses they serve. At Accela, we’re keenly focused on improving governing and governments through civic engagement . Why Civic Engagement and why now? Agencies of all sizes can now deploy cloud, web, mobile and social technologies to more effectively engage with their constituencies, meet changing regulatory and compliance standards and manage civic functions.  The Center for Digital Government recently completed a survey of 150 local government IT and business leaders to measure awareness and need for regulatory software. The study showed that government efficiency is the...
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What Does Civic Good Mean to You?

Earlier this week, we announced the availability of the Civic Cloud and, in parallel with that launch, you’ll notice some changes in how we talk about what we do for government agencies, how we work with partners and developers and how we engage citizens. I want you to understand what we’re trying to accomplish, why we're confident we can build our business and provide a lot of value to a lot of agencies, and how you can help tell the story. Today, Accela manages thousands of services and millions of transactions daily for more than 500 public agencies worldwide, connecting governments directly to people and streamlining processes such as permitting, licensing, asset land management and public health & safety. It’s fair to say that we have a heritage and a tradition of powering civic excellence . Our business strategy is 1) to build on that strength and to expand our...
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