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Josh Frank is a Product Marketing Manager at Accela working with products such as CivicData, Right of Way Management, Asset Management and Environmental Health & Safety. Josh brings several years of marketing experience, having worked with firms such as eBay, Intuit and other startups in Silicon Valley and Austin, Texas. Josh has an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin as well as a BA from the University of British Columbia.

CA Fwd’s Summit on Data: Creating Sustainable Open Data Programs

CA Fwd’s Summit on Data: Creating Sustainable Open Data Programs
On March 18th I attended CA Fwd’s annual Summit on Data. Speakers touched on many themes related to the sustainability of open data programs, with a focus on how open data can create value for governments, the private sector and citizens. Making open data programs within government agencies sustainable has been a recurring theme that I have come across in my research on open data. One point that Michael Chui, a partner from the McKinsey Global Institute, brought up was that opening data is not an end in itself. Rather, people need usable applications to contextualize the data and make it actionable. Referencing the McKinsey Global Institute’s study , which claims open data can unlock $3 trillion dollars of value or more in the economy, Chui asserted that one way open data can create value is by enabling governments and private sector companies to benchmark themselves off others. Another trend...
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