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Kathryn Vargas is a Product Marketer at Accela, where she is developing go-to-market strategies, marketing campaigns and compelling content, researching markets and working with acquired companies. Passionate about innovation and creating products to benefit consumers, Kathryn has contributed to the development, launch and marketing of products spanning both the consumer and high-tech industries. She has an MBA from UCLA and a BS in Chemical Engineering from UC San Diego. Check her out on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Amazon, Google…and Accela? The Power of the Platform

Amazon, Google…and Accela? The Power of the Platform
Amazon, Google and Accela are three distinct companies with one core commonality. We have all built platform solutions that are unique to our industries. Maury introduced the Civic Platform in August at Accela Engage 2014, and we gave more detail in a recent blog post, “ What Does the Civic Platform Mean to Me? ” Because the Civic Platform is so powerful, and encompasses so many solutions, with value to many different types of people, over the next several months we will post several series of blogs to demonstrate the power and value of the Civic Platform, and how it can benefit you, your agency and your community. But first, let’s get down to basics: what is a platform? What is a platform? A platform is a technological foundation on which one or more firms and partners can build complementary products, services and systems, supporting an ecosystem of innovation. Going...
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