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Lee Ann Slinkard joined Accela in February of 2007 with over 15 years of experience in building and maintaining large service organizations within the healthcare technology field.

She was most recently the client services leader at Healthlink, now a division of IBM. Prior to that, she held positions as vice president of operations, vice president of business development, senior vice president of implementations, and senior vice president of sales and professional services at companies in Texas, New Jersey, and California.

Ms. Slinkard graduated with honors from Stanford University where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

Behind the Scenes: Lee Ann Slinkard in Professional Services

Behind the Scenes: Lee Ann Slinkard in Professional Services
How did you end up at Accela? My entire career has been in services. I initially thought I wanted to be a researcher. I was in a PhD program at UCSF in Health Psychology, and I made money on the side by helping nurses get the stats for their studies interpreted. I decided I really wanted to be more applied instead of a researcher. So, I got a job with a healthcare software company as a trainer and project manager, and ended up as SVP of Operations by the time I left. I was doing account management for a healthcare consulting company that was acquired by IBM. While I was at IBM, one of Accela’s board members contacted me and asked if I would think about coming over and helping them run a profitable services organization. After about a year of interviewing, we came to an agreement, and I’ve been...
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