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Mark Jung has advised Accela on strategic and operating initiatives since 2015. He has served as Accela’s Chairman since early 2016 and acting CEO since August 2016. He brings more than two decades of enterprise software and cloud expertise in scaling private and public companies to achieve rapid and profitable growth. Mark has a passion for leveraging technology to enhance community engagement and productivity of both civic and commercial organizations.

A note from Accela’s Chairman and new acting CEO, Mark Jung

After spending some time working closely with the Accela team, I wanted to formally introduce myself and let you know that in addition to Chairman of the Board, I have assumed the role of acting CEO at Accela. For more than 15 years, many of which were under the excellent leadership of Maury Blackman, Accela has established itself as the leader in delivering robust, government-centric solutions that drive efficiency and engagement for communities of all sizes. From my experience leading both private and public companies in the enterprise software and cloud spaces, Accela has reached a place where it is ready to catapult to the next level, and I’m humbled to be a part of it. I recently spoke with Government Technology about a new direction for Accela—one that I believe will steer the company into a future of even greater innovation—and I’d like to share my goals for Accela...
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