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Matthew Gonzales is the Director of Services for He is responsible for developing relationships with local government officials and overseeing new products that will enhance the Buildingeye platform. Matthew has been involved with tech startups for over a decade and has helped produce several top-rated events in Silicon Valley and internationally.

Guest Blog from Buildingeye | Referendum for a Dream: Why Data Standardization Is the Next Evolution for U.S. Cities

The private sector has always led the race in technological advancement, usually leaving government agencies and city municipalities decades in the past. However, one of the few places where government entities have been pressed forward in this area is for defense applications. Yet collaborative technology partnerships continue to move forward—and even in the past few years, we’ve seen how companies like Accela and governments have been working together in mitigating disasters. Appallicious has a disaster assessment dashboard to help citizens in disaster situations and are working directly with FEMA. DigitalGlobe was recently able to help the U.S. military move their assets in place during the massive flooding in Colorado and even the California wildfires this past year.Through such a powerful partnership, the U.S. military was able to save countless lives, and these scenarios also taught a very important lesson: the data needs to flow, because populations depend on it. How...
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Guest Blog from Buildingeye | Accela Engage 2014: Startup Pioneers of Open Data to Converge In San Diego

The Open Data movement is primed to fundamentally shift the paradigm on how citizens interact with their governments. This will be the primary focus for the upcoming gathering of government officials and tech startups: the Accela Engage 2014 conference in San Diego, CA from Aug 4-8. As of now, state and local governments have been utilizing antiquated data management technologies, which have historically made it difficult for the average citizen to access public information. However, this may not be the case for much longer. For example, San Francisco, CA , is one city that’s paving the way towards a more efficient, convenient, and open government via the city’s Entrepreneurship-In-Residence program. This revolutionary new approach is guiding the city of San Francisco against the status quo, placing the task of managing public data in the hands of capable private sector companies. However, instead of outsourcing to overseas firms or using major...
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