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Seth Axthelm is a Developer Evangelist with Accela, where he works with developers developing innovative solutions with the Accela Civic Platform and the Construct API. Previously, as Director of Solution Architecture for Accela Professional Services, he played a key role as an Accela Architect for the New York State eLicensing program. Working with the Accela Civic Platform since 2005, Seth has helped many jurisdictions streamline and add efficiencies within their processes. You can find him at @sethaxthelm.

Crowdsourcing the Accela Civic Platform with the Construct API

Crowdsourcing the Accela Civic Platform with the Construct API
Seven years ago, Apple launched the iPhone with a few simple but powerful apps that showcased the capability and potential of this innovative device, and a year later the “App Store” was launched, empowering developers to build apps for the iPhone. This capability turned it into one of the most powerful platforms in the world by giving developers the tools to construct their own apps and a marketplace in which to sell them. The iPhone is no longer just a phone; it is a fitness tracker, entertainment system, home automation remote, newspaper, productivity device, cash register and more—all because of the rich ecosystem built in part by developers. In many ways, Apple’s iOS platform and the Accela Civic Platform are very similar in that they both empower developers to build and create on top of the core platform. While platforms and app development have become commonplace in other industries, there...
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