Latest Software Release - Accela Technology


Introducing Version 19.1

Accela’s Spring 2019 Release 

The Spring release introduces a new set of Version 19.1 products to improve system performance and enhance the user experience across our product suite including:

  • Accela Civic Platform V19.1 (SaaS and on-premises)
  • Accela Citizen Access V19.1
  • Accela Mobile V19.1
  • Civic Application for Environmental Health V1
  • Civic Application for Building V2
  • Civic Application for Planning V2
  • Civic Platform V19.1

    In the new version of the Civic Platform our focus continues to be on performance, beginning with our user interface based on AngularJS technology for a better looking and more responsive user experience overall.

    For our SaaS customers, we have also introduced the Enhanced Reporting Database, for near real-time access to all your transaction data in a replicated database, so data can be imported into your business intelligence tool of choice — at any time

    Accela Citizen Access V19.1

    With the Spring 2019 release, we’ve also enhanced the Accela Citizen Access product to include:

    • Additional branding capabilities with “Theme Builder” making it easy to change the look and feel of your citizen portal and improve the user experience
    • Saving work in progress for citizens as they are filling out forms, so if there is an interruption for whatever reason, they can return at later date and pick up where they left off
    • A more configurable payment system, making it easier for in-house administrators to manage varied payment types for citizen services

    Accela Mobile V19.1

    The latest release of Accela Mobile continues the journey of providing a rich, comprehensive mobile platform for a variety of field-based functions. For V19.1, we have added Offline Storage capabilities to allowing allow mobile users to continue their work if they do not have connectivity or lose it in the field.



    Civic Application for Environmental Health V1

    This new Civic Application includes 39 pre-built record types and functions for environmental health processes in retail food, land use, recreational health, personal services and institutions. It is an out-of-the-box solution that provides full functionality for permit automation, reports and notifications, payment processing, plan review, enforcement and complaints, and many other functions.

    Civic Application for Planning V2

    The Spring release adds 18 new record types to the 10 currently in the first version of the Planning Civic Application to broaden the capabilities for our Planning customers. Examples of the new functionality includes the processing of permits for special use, floodplain development, and planned unit development. It also includes a redesign of the zoning verification form letter and a new renewal process for the home occupational permit.

    Civic Application for Building V2

    This second version of our Building Civic Application adds 19 new record types to the 37 currently in V1, making it an even more robust solution for community development functions. Some examples of the new capabilities include sign permits, various enforcement cases, change of information functions, permit extensions, and many others.

    All Accela Civic Applications are bundled with pre-built Code Enforcement functionality, so there is no need to implement a second solution for enforcement activities.