Introducing Version 19.2

Accela’s Fall 2019 Release

The Fall Version 19.2 Release introduces a new set of products designed to provide enhanced usability, higher performance and deeper insights across our product suite including:

  • Civic Platform Version V19.2 (SaaS and On Premises)
  • Accela Citizen Access V19.2
  • Accela Mobile V19.2
  • Accela GIS V19.2
  • Civic Application for Business Licensing V1
  • Civic Application for Alcoholic Beverage Control V1
  • Civic Application for Environmental Health V2
  • Civic Applications for Building and Planning V3

The goal of this release is to provide:

  • Significant improvements in back office and citizen ease-of-use and convenience
  • Higher performance of the system and increased user productivity
  • Enhancements in data analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Introduction to newest Civic Applications (Business Licensing and Alcoholic Beverage Control) showcasing domain expertise and offering ease of deployment

Civic Platform V19.2 (SaaS and On Premises)

In the new version of the Civic Platform, increased user productivity is achieved through:

  • New “Launch Pad”: Offers streamlined and more intuitive navigation to frequently used pages
  • Default Start Page: Makes starting point navigation easier and more convenient for users
  • Separate Spaces Enhancement: Simplifies users’ ability to multi-task in the system
  • New Forms Designer: Improves usability, faster to design forms, and higher performance forms processing

In addition, V19.2 offers many other new enhancements to improve the overall user experience, many of which have been requested directly from customers.

Civic Platform V19.2 for SaaS

For our SaaS customers, we have also introduced a new set of features to improve usability and the ability to extract deeper insights from data, including:

  • Enhanced Reporting Database: Provides near real-time access to all transaction data in a replicated database, so it can easily be imported into a business intelligence tool of choice, at any time
  • Single Sign-On: Allows customers to use their preferred identity provider to authenticate agency users in the Civic Platform, folding Accela into their agency’s single-sign-on system
  • Power BI Reporting: Offers high performance data visualization and reporting as an option for our SaaS customers

Accela Citizen Access V19.2

With the Fall 2019 release, we’ve also enhanced the Accela Citizen Access product to include:

  • Improved XAPO Data: Increases usability with pre-fill of data and easier integration with external data sources
  • Custom Wrappers: Self-publishing increases speed of deployment for citizen-facing interfaces
  • Enhanced Condition of Approvals: Provides increased visibility into process steps completed and what is still needed
  • Enhanced Delegation: For super agency users, delivers a much better experience when setting up delegations within processes

Accela Mobile V19.2

The latest release of Accela Mobile continues the journey of providing a rich, comprehensive mobile platform for a variety of field-based functions. For V19.2, we have added:

  • Comprehensive Offline Storage: Field workers can now download job lists, records, documents, contacts, forms, tables, workflow, etc. and perform any of those activities offline in the field, enhancing productivity


Civic Applications


Civic Application for Business Licensing – Version 1

We are happy to announce the first release of our Civic Application for Business Licensing to ease deployment and provide domain best practices for licensing functions.

  • Provides 34 out-of-the-box record types for specific licensing types and functions
  • Includes seven specific business categories, including Amusement, Animal Services, Business, Mobile Vendor, Parking, Temporary, and Transportation
  • Facilitates licensing of emerging regulation areas such as ride sharing, rental scooters, and home-based businesses
  • Includes online application, online payment, internal review and processing, field inspection, and enforcement actions

Civic Application for Alcoholic Beverage Control – Version 1

Along with Business Licensing, we are introducing our first Civic Application for Alcoholic Beverage Control to provide out-of-the-box functionality for ABC process automation.

  • Includes 31 specific record types for ABC
  • Includes on premise, off premise, package retail, and temporary-event record types
  • Supports local production with record types for brewery, winery, and distillery businesses
  • Includes server, manager, and caterer record types for serving alcohol
  • Complaint and violation record types included for strong enforcement activity

Civic Application for Environmental Health – Version 2

This new version of our Civic Application for EH adds to the 39 record types currently offered in V1, and includes:

  • Updated workflow for enforcement for cases and violations
  • Database mapping to facilitate Envision Connect migrations to the Civic Platform
  • New features for EH functions including:
    • Hazmat
    • Time Accounting
    • Change of Ownership of Facility
    • Temporary Events

Civic Application for Building – Version 3

For this third release of our Civic Application for Building, we’ve provided enhancements in the following areas:

  • Separate fee schedules for each record type, and document groups
  • New capabilities such as global filters, condition management, and inspection calendaring and scheduling, and enforcement automation
  • New permit types
    • Change of Scope: Improved flexibility when actual construction deviates from approved plans
    • Public Records Exemption
    • Tiny Homes

Civic Application for Planning – Version 3

In our third release of the Planning Civic Application, we’ve added:

  • Pre-built global filters, pre-built condition management, and pre-configured inspection calendar
  • New record automation, enforcement automation, and inspection scheduling

Code Enforcement – Version 3

All Accela Civic Applications are bundled with pre-built Code Enforcement functionality right out of the box, so there is no need to implement a second solution for enforcement activities. This new version adds the following Code Enforcement functions:

  • New complaint, violation, and case types, including property maintenance project
  • New automation, including enforcement automation and inspection scheduling

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