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From Tent City to Tech Savvy

Oklahoma City Gets Connected, Goes Mobile

The Challenge

Oklahoma City sprawls across four counties, is home to more than 540,000 residents, and at 622 square miles is one of the largest cities in land area in the United States—all requiring its government agencies to cover a lot of ground, literally and figuratively. Replacing legacy hardware with newer, Web-based technology held the key to consolidating several separate databases, integrating multiple departments, improving service to citizens, and reducing inspection turnaround time.

The Solution

After reviewing many options, Oklahoma City selected Web-based Accela Automation® to streamline its planning, permitting, and licensing activities, and to make government services more easily accessible to citizens. It also implemented Accela Wireless™ and Accela GIS™ as a strong, integrated mobile component that could make a direct and immediate impact on inspection management.

The Result

Using a paper-based system to manage an average of 15,000 inspections a month translated to 775 work hours a month – 9,300 a year – just for manual inspection data entry. Data could be as much as 27 hours old by the time it was put into the system. Now, inspection data can be input 22 hours sooner on average. Just as importantly, by being able to reduce the hours spent on manual data entry, the City is realizing a return-on-investment of approximately $230,000 per year on its purchase of Accela’s mobile software application alone. With Accela Automation now fully operational and delivering great results in its Public Works, Finance, and Water/Wastewater Utilities departments, Oklahoma City is ready to bring its Planning and Fire departments online.

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