San Diego County, California, Migrates to Accela Civic Platform to Improve Efficiency and
Overall Customer Experience

County aims for best-in-class IT status, serving six departments with a seamless, single-system approach

Located in the southwestern corner of California, San Diego County is the second-most populous county in the State, and the fifth-most populous in the United States. Encompassing gentle foothills, agricultural farmland and mile-high mountains, San Diego County is more commonly known for its idyllic climate, 70 miles of pristine beaches, alluring family attractions and year-round outdoor recreation.




Gain fast, consolidated access to data across six departments with a single system and offer an exceptional customer experience


Accela Land Management, Accela GIS, Accela Mobile Office, Citizen Access, CivicData


Centralized data from 40 different permitting systems into one solution that can be shared across six departments

Increased operational efficiencies with easy configuration to meet individual departmental needs

Reduced in-person visits and phone calls while increasing customer confidence by offering convenient online service

Improved inspection turnaround times with mobile capabilities

Provide better customer service by fulfilling customer requests within required 10-day window

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San Diego County on the Accela Civic Platform
San Diego County uses the Accela Civic Platform to improve agency efficiency and the customer experience

San Diego Video San Diego Video San Diego Video

IT Department
Find out how internal processes were improved through a Platform approach


Solar Permitting
See how the County and Solar Industry worked together to revolutionize solar permitting on the Platform


Agricultural Weights & Measures
Learn how Weights & Measures improves customer confidence through streamlined field operations

San Diego Video San Diego Video  

Air Pollution Control
See how Air Pollution Control uses the Platform to access data for efficient operations and better customer service


Vector Control
Find out how Vector Control uses the Platform for better workflow, more complete data and requests from customers



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