Accela Citizen Relationship Management News Brief

Winslow, New Jersey, Now Live with Accela Civic Platform for Citizen Relationship Management (CRM)

Accela, the leading provider of civic engagement solutions for government, announced today that Winslow, New Jersey, is now live with Accela Citizen Relationship Management (CRM) and code enforcement on the Civic Platform. Winslow was incorporated as a Township in 1845 and has a population of approximately 40,000. Winslow implemented cloud-based Accela Citizen Relationship Management to simplify citizen communication with elected officials, improve feedback and response time, streamline workflow, and manage request tracking and code enforcement efforts from a central system online and via a configurable mobile application.

“Accela Citizen Relationship Management simplifies community engagement,” said Kendall Smith, Accela Citizen Relationship Management Product Engineer Lead. “Agencies can immediately respond to requests from residents and business owners through a mobile app and web-based software, enabling two-way communication and real-time updates to requests, and fostering more connected and engaged communities.”

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