Accela Civic Platform News Brief

Newark, NJ, to Overhaul City’s Building Permitting Process with Accela Civic Platform

Accela, the leading provider of cloud-based productivity and civic engagement solutions for government, today announced that New Jersey’s largest city, Newark, has selected Accela Land Management on the Accela Civic Platform. The software solution was chosen to offer streamlined online permitting capability for the City, local businesses and its residents.

Newark has been an Accela customer since 2013, utilizing Accela Citizen Relationship Management (CRM) to facilitate service requests and provide access to city services for its residents. Now, with the addition of Accela’s Land Management technology, along with expertise from service partner SEP Technology Consulting, Newark is taking the next step toward creating a seamless and effective permitting process, allowing its residents to easily access the permitting portal online or via mobile devices. The first phase of Newark’s permitting process overhaul will allow for building permits to be processed and pulled through the Accela Civic Platform, with the goal of also processing all commercial and residential permits on the platform in the future.

“Delivering services in a way that is consistent, modern and efficient is critical to nurturing trust between residents and their government, and technology is the lynchpin that enables governments to deliver on this mission seamlessly every time,” said Maury Blackman, president and CEO of Accela. “Revamping outdated government procedures— such as waiting in line to get a permit— can help re-invigorate a community and compel residents to more actively engage with City Hall on their terms. For Newark, offering online permitting capability puts government directly in the pockets of its residents, and nothing is more empowering than that.”

About Newark, NJ
Newark is the largest city in the state of New Jersey, boasting a population of nearly 300,000. Located in the heart of New Jersey’s Gateway Regions, the City serves as one of the nation’s major air, shipping and rail hubs, and is home to numerous corporations and universities.