City of Plantation, Fla., Selects Accela Automation for e-Permitting, Planning, and Zoning

South Florida municipal government will utilize advanced technology to streamline “Smart Growth” in mixed-use, sustainable projects

PLANTATION, Fla., Nov. 1, 2012Accela, Inc., the leading provider of web, mobile, and cloud-based software exclusively for government,announced today that the City of Plantation, Fla. Building Department will replace its existing ‘PERMITS’ Plus client-server system with Accela Automation® enterprise software to streamline service delivery. Plantation’s Planning, Zoning, Code Enforcement, and Local Business Tax Departments will also use Accela Automation to expand service offerings.

Located in Broward County just north of the Miami-Fort-Lauderdale Metropolitan Area, this City of 85,000 promotes itself as a metropolitan business center with a small-town environment. Aiming to achieve balance between economic growth and environmental protection, Plantation has focused its efforts and resources on three business districts. This Florida local government will rely on Accela’s superior, workflow automation technology to complete the 850-acre Plantation Midtown urban center project, including a $350-million mall renovation and “Smart Growth” mixed-use, sustainable development that the City is turning into a regional destination. 

Accela Citizen Access™ will streamline workflow for industry professionals and make work more productive for agency staff. Contractors, inspectors, and plumbers will be able to access services and complete processes online, including payments for permits and real-time status updates on pending service requests. Planning and Zoning Department staff, who would otherwise have devoted their work day to serving customers by phone or in person, will free up their time to spend on other critical matters.

Accela Mobile Office™ will enable access to project documents from laptops and tablet PCs, providing greater convenience and faster turnaround time for building inspectors and end users. Agency field inspectors will also be supported by Accela GIS™, which integrates Esri ArcGIS for Server maps with Accela Automation. An electronic document review system using Adobe Acrobat Pro integrated with Accela Automation will further increase efficiencies for the City by giving multiple agencies simultaneous access to documents required for different permits, and will save money for design and engineering professionals.

“Accela provides a complete, end-to-end solution for city governments like Plantation, Florida, that need to manage large development projects with a modest-sized staff,” said Maury Blackman, CEO and President of Accela. “The Accela platform not only automates core functions such as permitting and inspections. As an enterprise solution, it enables government staff to collaborate more efficiently across multiple agencies and externally with contractors and business owners so development projects can be delivered on time and within budget.”

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