M-Government Services Initiatives See Rise In The GCC, Says Global Expert

Governments investing in mobile apps to facilitate good governance and easy access to services

Dubai, UAE  June 19, 2013 – Government initiatives providing civic amenity access is expected to spur millions of dollars in investments over the next five years in the region said Maury Blackman, global expert and President and CEO of Accela Inc., the leading provider of web-, mobile-, and cloud-based software exclusively for government.
Providers of mobile and eServices technology are expected to become a major business in coming years particularly in the GCC, as governments are taking the lion’s share in implementing eServices among their agencies.

The UAE is also the only country in the GCC along with few countries worldwide to have a pure one-stop shop portal with information services and participation services integrated on one site, based on the UN E-Government Survey 2012. While the UAE government is already notable in providing effective e-government services, ranking 28th globally and 5th in Asia, it is now looking at mobile apps to further increase productivity in government agencies.
Earlier this year, Emirates eGovernment budgeted Dhs 150.36 million between the years 2012-2014 as part of a major Federal eGovernment strategy to improve the UAE's global competitiveness and enhance eTransformation. The governments of Abu Dhabi and Dubai are already employing the best practices and services from global leaders in this field such as Accela with its implementations in more than 500 government agencies worldwide and more than 30 years of development and experience in the government software industry.

Blackman said that mobile government (m-government) services are now a major trend and becoming the main focus in the public sector. “Whereas e-government was about connecting people to data on the web, m-government is the era of truly mobilizing services and engaging citizens, government agencies and business professionals anytime, anywhere and by using popular devices,” he said.

Khaled W. Jaouni – Managing Director of Accela Middle East and Africa says, “The rise of m- government services are due to the public driving us in that direction wherein they are favoring connections on mobile devices over traditional desktop connections. New mobile devices, coupled with new back-end technologies allow Accela to tailor and optimize experiences on these mobile device, Accela already has mobile 15 apps available on multiple platforms enabling government services and community engagement  ”

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