Accela Announces Accela Engage Customer Award Winners

Awards Given to Customers Committed to Streamlining Civic Processes and Enhancing Civic Engagement

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – August 13, 2013Accela, Inc., the leading provider of civic engagement solutions for government agencies, today announced the Accela Engage Customer Awards, created to honor customers who have leveraged Accela solutions to streamline key civic processes and engage with citizens, businesses and professionals in the communities they serve. The awards were presented at the Accela Engage: 2013 User Conference by Maury Blackman, Accela’s CEO and President. The recipients of the Accela Engage Awards are: City of Westminster, CO; Charlotte County, FL; City of Palo Alto, CA; City of Lincoln, NE; and The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development.

“Our customers are leaders in leveraging technology to meet the diverse needs of their constituencies and are finding new and innovative ways to deliver services and engage directly with their citizens,” Blackman stated. “The Accela Engage Awards are designed to acknowledge government agencies operating at their best by providing easy access to civic services, enhancing communications capabilities and creating better communities.”

Mobility Award: City of Westminster, CO

The City of Westminster, CO worked together with Accela and CityGovApp to develop a Manhole Inspection app. The app is designed to enable field staff to perform regular manhole inspections from their mobile device, eliminating paper forms and long delays due to the time gap between filling out forms in the field and entering the data in the back office. The app includes customizable inspection fields, photo documentation through the mobile device and the ability to work with or without connectivity.

Mapping Award: Charlotte County, FL

Charlotte County, FL utilized key information from their Accela Land Management system and GIS data to reduce flood insurance rates for their citizens through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Community Rating System (CRS) offered by FEMA. The program is a voluntary incentive program that recognizes and encourages community floodplain management activities that exceed the minimum NFIP requirements. By utilizing the rich Accela and GIS information, the County has obtained a 25% discount on flood insurance, which results in millions of dollars in annual savings throughout the community.

Trendsetter Award: City of Palo Alto, CA

The City of Palo Alto, a long-standing Accela customer, recently signed on for a subscription to Civic Insight, a strategic Accela partner. Civic Insight will help the City of Palo Alto promote economic development throughout the City by providing an increased level of transparency and customer service into the building & construction permitting process in Palo Alto, thereby making it easier to do business with the City. With Civic Insight, residents, developers, and city staff will be able to receive real-time notifications regarding the status of their own permits, as well as understand citywide trends in construction and development throughout Palo Alto.

Customer Service Award: City of Lincoln, NE

Always customer focused, the City of Lincoln worked with the construction community to build out their use of Accela Automation, Accela GIC, Accela Mobile Office, and Accela Citizen Access and continues to work with them for optimization of all products. The use of these solutions is a part of the administration’s overall commitment to technology enhancements for city government. A cornerstone of the City’s vision is to offer an acceptable enterprise system to manage, review, report on data, and share information across multiple departments while growing with the city’s population and evolving needs.

One-Stop Shop Award: Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development

The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development officially inaugurated the Abu Dhabi Business Center on March 3, 2013, to centralize all business licensing across the Emirate. The largest of its kind, the Centre licenses 3,000 business activities and links 42 federal and local government agencies into its workflow all under one roof.