Accela Cloud-Based Solutions Streamline Licensing Processes for the Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control Board

The Accela Civic Platform for Licensing and Case Management will enable the Alabama ABC to efficiently manage and regulate alcohol licensing

SAN RAMON, Calif. – January 7, 2015 – Accela, the leading provider of civic engagement solutions for government, announced today that the Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control Board (Alabama ABC), has selected the Accela Civic Platform for Licensing and Case Management. Accela cloud-based solutions will make it possible for the Alabama ABC to ensure consistent, automated and transparent alcohol license procedures without a large upfront investment or additional IT resources.

Alabama ABC offices are spread over numerous districts throughout the state, and each district is responsible for liquor license application intake and enforcement. They needed to upgrade their paper-based process and ensure consistency in alcohol license review, issuance and enforcement. Additionally, they wanted to provide online services to accept applicant fees and increase transparency of alcohol regulation to the citizens of Alabama.

Accela Licensing and Case Management will help Alabama ABC regulate licensing, streamline revenue collections, enhance enforcement actions and improve customer service. From initial application through license issuance, Accela Licensing and Case Management solutions are both configurable and flexible, providing Alabama ABC with the following benefits:

  • Streamline and automate internal processes with a powerful workflow engine to deliver timely customer service
  • Maximize configurability to meet current and future needs while automating civic processes
  • Extend inspection and investigative capabilities to the field for enforcement agents with Accela’s mobile applications that provide real-time access to all necessary information, including inspection and license record updates
  • Integrate case tracking from complaints, inspections, investigations and adjudications to licenses records
  • Compile reporting data with ad hoc reporting tools and extract information
  • Provide guidelines and regulations with a “Business Express” presence for licensees, stakeholders and citizens
  • Leverage native GIS capabilities to get a geographic view of all license, permit, inspection and enforcement data

“We applaud the Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control Board’s vision to be at the forefront of technology by selecting a cloud-based, robust, flexible licensing solution,” said Maury Blackman, Accela President and CEO. “By working together to deploy innovative technology, we’re excited to help the agency achieve its goal of turning an outdated process into an efficient and expedited service while fostering citizen engagement.”

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