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On the Accela Civic Platform

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The Accela Civic Platform provides powerful GIS mapping capabilities that are deeply integrated with Esri, the leader in GIS mapping technology for the public sector. Integral to agency activities — such as the planning and zoning of communities and the placement of assets in the community — Esri ArcGIS enables governments to effectively analyze and manage their geographic information and make better decisions.
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The Civic Platform includes basic GIS functionality right out of the box to help streamline mapping processes. The technology integration offers governments a geographic view of all land-use, zoning and infrastructure information associated with parcels, permits, inspections, code cases, assets, work orders and service requests, and works seamlessly with Esri maps, layering the information for increased visibility.

Accela has enjoyed a Gold partnership with Esri for nearly 20 years, and together the companies have fostered a richly integrated solution that caters specifically to government agencies. In 2013, Accela was recognized as an Esri partner of the year.

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