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Latest Release


Accela’s Winter 2018 Release

Enhancements to the CIVIC platform


Accela Civic Platform Version 9.3.0 focuses on efficiency for daily tasks to help you navigate and surface the information you need at the right time.

New Capabilities for Record Searching and Management

Version 9.3.0 includes enhancements and time-saving features for daily tasks associated with managing, creating, viewing and making batch updates to records within the system.

Features include:

  • Rapidly create new records by searching and navigating personalized groupings of record types with a new UI, improving speed and ease of use.
  • Search records by their status, eliminating the need to drill into individual records to check status and retrieve details.
  • Gain additional context when searching and viewing records with the record name now located in the record detail header, making it easier to find what you are looking for.
  • Make batch updates across multiple records in one process in Asset Management, rather than needing to update them individually.


Accela product updates

Accela Mobile

The new Accela Mobile client includes improved functionality for users in the field, including:

  • Field inspectors and enforcement officers can create new cases in the field rather than going to different client UIs to complete work, reducing downtime and creating a more complete experience within the mobile environment.
  • Field worker capabilities are expanded and include the ability to select case record type, complete custom fields and tables, capture evidence and add comments.
Accela Mobile
Accela GIS

With Version 9.3.0, the Accela GIS user experience, including how information is searched, presented and captured, has been improved. Users can now:

  • View and retrieve data and transactions from across multiple parcels by selecting an area on the map. The system can show the aggregated records for the parcels chosen, preventing users from having to select them individually and managing the information associated with those parcels manually.
  • Access documents and create new records for multiple parcels at the same time, reducing effort and errors.
  • More easily synch assets with ESRI GIS systems.
  • Display scheduled inspections on the GIS map, for improved routing and work management.
  • Configure address, parcel, owner templates fields from within Accela GIS administration.
Accela GIS
Accela Citizen Access and CivicPay Integration for Trust Accounts

It is now easier to integrate Accela Citizen Access and CivicPay in V9.3.0 to accept payments from citizens. With Accela 9.3.0, there is a pre-built integration utility to reduce the time and cost to embed CivicPay payment capabilities with Accela Citizen Access. The integration offers the ability for:

  • Citizens and licensed professionals to make payments using trust accounts, Credit Cards, and ACH accounts with CivicPay.
  • Citizens and business professionals can now use trust accounts as an option when they manage large amounts of work within their jurisdictions. They can deposit money into an account and provide access to their team to draw down from it, saving administration time and effort.
Accela CivicPay

Accela CivicPay has launched a new Merchant Center, integrates with, and has improved payment processing speed. Features include:

  • Accela CivicPay Merchant Center provides agencies with the ability to manage payments, reporting and reconciliation, all in real time. Quick processing speeds provide the ability to rapidly research payments by multiple fields, reverse payments and settle in batch. A built-in self-guided training gets you up to speed quickly.
  • Increased speed improves payment processing time and load time for payment redirect pages.
  • Online-bills integration to CivicPay provides Online-bills customers with the ability to replace the Online Merchant Center (OMC) gateway while simultaneously simplifying the vendor network. Integrating to CivicPay as the payment processor provides improved stability and efficiency for recurring payment processing and reduces payment batches stuck in the processing state.
Accela CiviPay Accela App
Accela Finance & Administration

Accela Finance & Administration continues to improve usability, with updates to Auditor Exports and Utility Billing meter functionality, among other things.

  • Auditor exports have been added to assist with data requests from auditors and are available in the Cash Receipts and Accounts Payable modules, as well as in the Payroll module for specific clients.
  • Utility Billing’s new add/subtract meter functionality provides greater flexibility for clients that need to have combined consumption from multiple meters on one account. Also added is the ability to also have deduct functionality from multiple meters on other accounts. Clients no longer need to choose which of the scenarios is most important as we now support both setup options.

Connecting Government to Citizens

Democracy thrives when governments work directly with citizens

The Civic Platform connects public sector, citizens, partners and developers to engage, interact and transact.

At Accela, we believe that engagement makes all the difference. We build bridges between citizens and government, making engagement easy—even delightful. We are ushering in a new era where democracy thrives when government works directly with the people, coming to citizens on their own terms through mobile devices, social media and open data.

We provide solutions for government agencies to automate and streamline civic processes around asset management, citizen relationship managementenvironmental health, finance and administration, land management, licensing and case management, and right of way management.

From making it easier to open and run a business, to completing permits and inspections, to making city council meeting agendas, minutes and decisions available online, our time-tested, secure Civic Platform provides the foundation for creating the two-way flow of data that makes engagement possible and helps to build the bridge between agencies and citizens.


Government Agencies

With the Civic Platform, agencies have more capabilities, flexibility and scalability to enable innovation over time without the need to invest in new technology. With the Civic Platform, agencies can:

Streamline and accelerate services through efficient workflow, online access and mobile solutions, with automatic update capabilities

Improve access to information while building transparency and trust with CivicData, our free open data portal

Benefit from open architecture, providing your agency with opportunities for growth and the ability to expand to new solutions

Speed innovation and implementation with an ecosystem of developers and partners

Improve efficiencies with field workers through the use of mobile solutions

Engage citizens through our Citizen Access portal, social media integration and citizen engagement apps

Use Best Practice Templates for rapid platform deployment, reducing integration time from months to weeks

Consolidate legacy systems and reduce overhead IT costs

Collaborate and engage with customers, peers and Accela staff by participating in the Accela Success Community

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Citizens can engage and have easy access to their government when and how they want it. Citizens get:

Anytime access and instant response with citizen access and mobile apps

Streamlined engagement with government through two-way conversations via social media integration and citizen engagement apps, as well as have the ability to track statuses and participate in the government decision-making process

Transparency, trust and a voice in the community with open data and Citizen Relationship Management, a configurable mobile app and web-based software, enabling two-way communication and real-time updates to requests. Citizen Relationship Management provides citizens access to government information and services, fostering more connected and engaged communities.

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Developers can build and deliver innovative solutions and apps that extend the value of the Civic Platform—creating efficiencies for agency staff while increasing citizen engagement with government. Developers can:

Leverage Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Software Development Kits (SDKs) and open data to speed deployment

Easily create applications and solutions, available in the Civic Store, for Accela customers that are deployable across jurisdictions

Grow and build a profitable, predictable business with a proven partner

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Partners can build and deliver innovative solutions and civic engagement apps that extend Accela solutions—creating efficiencies for agency staff while increasing citizen engagement with government. Partners can:

Speed project delivery and improve profitability through built-in Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Software Development Kits (SDKs) and scripting

Leverage and/or create best practice configurations to grow and build a profitable, predictable business with a proven partner


Configuration Services

Take advantage of best practice templates, packaged content, and services to speed and simplify configuration and deployment

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Replicable Configurations

Agencies can take advantage of everything needed to quickly set up, configure, and deploy. Best practices include all of the workflows, data structures, business logic, fees, web forms, and standard reports.

Regional Deployment

By adopting proven best practice solutions that have already been implemented at other regional agencies, an agency can save money, deployment time, and enable citizens to have a consistent and improved user experience.















Core Services

Utilize a robust set of common building blocks for creating solutions and applications

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Agencies have a consolidated view of email, alerts, announcements, and messages. Calendar invitations for meetings, hearing and events can be accepted and availability can be checked through Outlook. Communication can be triggered from tasks or events.

Service Requests

Log and track call, contacts and addresses. Auto-assign requests for service or complaints to best qualified resource or department to handle each inquiry. Access real-time status, upload supporting documents and set alerts for follow-up action or notification when request is completed.

Fees and Payments

Administrators have the ability to quickly define fees and fee schedules. Users can assess, invoice, and receive full or partial payments from a central payment center within the application.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Both Microsoft Bing Maps and ESRI ArcGIS Online are supported. Transaction records such as permits, inspections, and licenses can be displayed on a map to improve decision-making and streamline processes. Learn more


Agencies can leverage an existing investment in Oracle, Crystal, or Microsoft reporting tools to provide robust management reporting as well as business forms that are tightly integrated into the overall business process.

Workflow  Visual Workflow

Workflows can be fully configured to support simple routing and approvals all the way to complex scenarios involving multiple departments and multiple steps.


Accela supports physical, network, application and user security.


Identity management system that supports the needs of government, citizens and businesses. CivicID uses a single secure login to connect citizens directly to governments and allows individuals to leverage their social applications and profiles.




Information Services

Leverage and manage core information required to manage government business and provide open data access

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Agency Master Data

Upload, access and manage Address, Parcel, and Owner (APO), Business License, and Professionals data to create solutions and to perform data analysis.  

Service Request Data

Automate all service requests and provide a centralized database for this information. Agencies can now access real-time information about the status of any request at any time—meaning services can be delivered more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Open Data

Using open standards and an open application programming interface (API), developers and agencies can load and retrieve data programmatically for use in innovative citizen-centric applications. Seamless integration with leading open data technology providers allows agencies to easily design desired data sets to be published and schedule regular data updates. These capabilities provide the ability to hyperlink to detailed record information. For more information, see