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Decades of Improving Environmental Health and Safety

Decades of Improving Environmental Health and Safety

Accela acquired Decade Software today, and we’re delighted to welcome employees, partners and customers into the Accela family. We’ll rebrand the Decade EnvisionConnect product suite as Accela Environmental Health and Safety, and will continue to provide Environmental Health Departments with the tools, training and expertise to protect the public’s health. We will also continue to support agency programs such as Food Protection, Recreational Health, Onsite Wastewater Treatment/Septic, Drinking Water, Vector Control, Solid Waste, Hazardous Materials and Body Art.

Accela Environmental Health and Safety meets the needs of Directors, Program Managers, Administrators, Inspectors, Fiscal Agents and Public Constituents, consolidating and simplifying data management and providing agency-controlled page design and configuration supporting:

  • Compliance Tracking: Log violations, track inspection results and document compliance efforts for all program areas. As you record inspections, the solution automates the scheduling of the next inspection according to your rules, including facility risk factors, compliance outcomes, mandated inspection frequencies and more.
  • Complaint Management: Manage complaints of every kind, including suspected foodborne, waterborne or vector-borne illnesses, illegal dumping and all kinds of nuisances.  Complaint resolution often involves third parties, so your lists of Certified Professionals can be linked to complaints, streamlining efforts and making it easier to work with community businesses.
  • Permitting and Licensing: Streamline the entire process, determine who should receive a permit and answer essential questions such as: Who has paid their permit fees? Were they inspected this year? Did their permit expire yet? Do they owe money for related services? Are there other programs regulated at this facility that should be paid prior to printing a permit?
  • Financial Management: Simplify and accelerate all financial processes.  Everything is connected and flows to the financial system: inspections, investigations and follow-ups can auto-generate invoices. Flexible reporting and data management increases accuracy and accountability and provides you access to everything needed to manage processes effectively.
  • Activity Tracking and Workload Assessment: Simplify time and activity tracking with powerful, tailored capabilities that are easy to use. Entries are validated in real time, eliminating data entry errors, and time can be reported in any way necessary.

In addition to serving agency personnel and contractors, Accela Environmental Health and Safety offers online access for regulated businesses, public constituents and regional partner agencies, enabling customers to support online applications, online permit renewals and online fee payments. We will continue to expand both real-time field access and public information disclosure by integrating and providing customers free of charge.

Accela continues to broaden the scope and capabilities of the Civic Platform, along with the types of agencies and departments we serve. We’re very excited about the opportunities and decades of experience that the Accela Environmental Health and Safety team bring to our business—and to the agencies we serve. Learn more by visiting

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