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Bringing the Ten Faces of Innovation to Accela

Bringing the Ten Faces of Innovation to Accela

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the Accela family! As a member of Accela’s Product Management team, which is responsible for product vision and planning, I need to understand what is important to government agencies. The team looks for ways to ensure our customers’ goals are met across all of our solution offerings. Pulling from different areas in and outside the company helps us accomplish this, which is why I attended IDEO’s Ten Faces of Innovation seminar led by coauthor Jonathan Littman.

The seminar brought people from Pandora, UCSF, Walmart, Cisco and, of course, Accela – a great group with varying expertise and backgrounds. I was excited to attend the seminar because it focused on using strategies to spark innovation within organizations, and it did not disappoint. The day consisted of lectures and several exciting group activities that pushed us to produce under pressure.

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