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Guest Blog: What Kind of Civic Innovator Are You?

Nole Walkingshaw is Brigade Captain for Open Salt Lake as well as the Manager for Institutional Engagement, Community and Economic Development, for the City of Salt Lake. A  new report by the IBM Center for The Business of Government titled,  Engaging Citizens in Co-Creation in Public Services, defines four key roles members of the community can play in conjunction with their government. As explorers ,citizens can identify/discover and define emerging and existing problems. As ideators, citizens can conceptualize novel solutions to well-defined problems. As designers, citizens can design and/or develop implementable solutions to well-defined problems. As diffusers, citizens can directly support or facilitate the adoption and diffusion of public service innovations and solutions among well-defined target populations. So, what kind of “Civic Innovator” are you? Check out the  report and comment here.
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Should You Be Moving to the Cloud?

We’re only one month into 2014 and we’re already seeing significant momentum around cloud delivery, specifically as it ties to cloud use by government agencies of all sizes. For Accela, this means helping these agencies realize the opportunity to reduce costs, improve service levels and engage with citizens. And we’re not alone. The Center for Digital Government recently published an issue brief (registration required) talking about why it is time to move to the cloud. The idea of outsourcing is not new. Government agencies have been outsourcing for decades. However, this latest push toward outsourcing (also known as Cloud Computing) appears to be driven not only by the economy and cost pressures, but also by a shift in citizen expectations as well. In a Government Technology article last year, Maury Blackman, Accela’s CEO, talked about changing citizen expectations and how cloud can impact an agency’s ability to deliver these services...
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Jeff, Great points and resources for governments looking to move to the cloud. Accela certainly grasps the power of the cloud and... Read More
Thursday, 13 February 2014 19:17
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Guest Blog from Microsoft | Mobile Solutions Connecting Citizens with Government

Mobile Solutions Connecting Citizens with Government On behalf of Kevin Koh, Director, Government Solutions, Microsoft Government agencies often deal with the same types of issues as other businesses. With increased pressures to cut costs, minimize risk, and keep pace with change, government agencies need modern, secure and affordable mobile solutions to ensure their employees are able to stay connected and productive wherever they are. Government ultimately exists – whether it be local, state, or federal – to serve the populace and to give a voice to the community. Being able to easily connect with colleagues and citizens while in the office or on the go empowers employees to do their job more effectively by using the best means of communications for the situation. Having access to a familiar and consistent experience across a variety of devices based on their needs is very important as well. Government organizations are interested in...
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Am interested in learning more about iLink Systems.
Monday, 10 February 2014 11:41
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Guest Blog from GovLoop | Your Future Is Already Mapped Out

Editor's Note: Missed the  "A Modern Approach to Permitting and Planning" training session on November 21 produced by GovLoop, Esri and Accela? Read on and then listen to the recording to hear how agencies are creating a more holistic approach to land management and a checklist of things to consider as your agency looks to do the same. Your Future Is Already Mapped Out By Kathryn David, GovLoop “Success in GIS is putting actionable intelligence into the hands of the people that need it.”  -Keith Cooke, State Government Account Executive, Esri Technology helps us make sense of constantly changing and complex data. One field where managing real-time developments in regulations and processing is essential is land management. GIS and mapping technology have the potential to revolutionize the land permitting and planning system, but only if we know how to use it. That’s why GovLoop, Esri, and Accela came together to...
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Open Salt Lake Brigade: An Inside Look

In my previous post, I shared how I came to discover Code for America, become involved and ultimately become a Brigade Captain for Open Salt Lake. Now, I'd like to share a little bit about how the Brigade works and a couple of the projects we've been working on. The Open Salt Lake Brigade has 7-10 core members who conduct weekly meetings and are highly committed to this cause. A critical element in making our projects a success is that several of our members are employees of the City of Salt Lake. For example, Nole Walkingshaw, Brigade Captain for Open Salt Lake, is the Planning Programs Supervisor for the City of Salt Lake. Additionally, one of our members, Bill Haight, is the CIO of the City of Salt Lake and has actively attended our meetups and sponsors the group’s activities. Through these individuals, we are not only able to better...
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My Journey with Code for America: From Discovery to Brigade Captain

Many of you have heard of Code for America by now and the amazing work this organization is doing to improve communication between citizens and their government agencies through technology. If you haven’t, Code for America believes that in order to improve government, we must improve citizenship. The organization helps cities create 21st century interfaces to government that are simple, beautiful and easy to use. Deploying technologies that make it easier for your agency to engage with citizens to improve your city not only builds trust, but it also changes the conversation between government and its citizens. Back in 2012, I didn’t know anything about Code for America. As the senior software architect for a provider of civic engagement solutions headquartered in the Bay Area, however, I was eager to evangelize the Accela Civic Platform and what it had to offer developers. This quest to bring our message to developers would...
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