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Our departments understand that the Civic Platform is a kind of generic platform that can be customized and used with many different business processes. It’s a platform they can change and continually use to improve their own business process.”

David Lindsay,
Group IT Manager,
Land Use and Environment Group

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Accela Construct

Build and deliver innovative solutions and apps

Extend the value of the Civic Platform with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Software Development Kits (SDKs) and Scripting to help speed deployment.


Agencies, partners and developers are empowered to build and deliver civic engagement apps that extend Accela solutions following Representational State Transfer (REST) protocols. These apps create efficiencies for agency staff, while increasing citizen engagement with government.


Further customize to meet business needs. Events that can be triggered by the scripting engine include creating a new record, a workflow task, writing information to a data file, sending or receiving information from a Web service, and more.

Open Data

Using open standards and an open application programming interface (API), developers and agencies can load and retrieve data programmatically for use in innovative citizen-centric applications. Seamless integration with leading open data technology providers allows agencies to easily design desired data sets to be published and schedule regular data updates. These capabilities provide the ability to hyperlink to detailed record information. For more information, see

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